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firomatic open or closed ?

burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297
When i work on these i turn the valve all the way off sometimes when i open the filter oil squirts out then i tap lightly on the valve it unsticks these valves are to close on heat in case of a fire they will close so it can prevent a bigger fire try this royboy


  • Tim_53
    Tim_53 Member Posts: 5
    firomatic open or closed ?

    I'm trying to shut a firomatic valve off. I reached under the tank and started turning in the direction like you would for a normal valve. After turning a bunch of turns I sensed something was not right. As I turn the handle the brass stem, which is out past the handle by 4 or 5 threads turns with the handle. I don't know if I have it open,closed or some of both.
    When I turn the handle either way it does not raise or lower the stem.
    It seems to be stuck. Any tricks to free this up and what position should the stem be in when closed
    Thanks Tim
  • chapchap70_2
    chapchap70_2 Member Posts: 147

    An oil firomatic valve must be turned clockwise to close it. The knob hides the threads from view as it is being closed and eventually comes off. At this point, the stem with the threads can be clearly seen. Sometimes the valve will be stuck open even if the knob is off. Lightly tap the stem and the sleeve will spring up covering most of the threads on the stem.
  • Tim_53
    Tim_53 Member Posts: 5

    I cut a slot in the brass stem and put a screw driver in to hold it. Now the handle spins right off.
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