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Wii like it!

Norm Harvey
Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

I tried out the Wii at a friends house and it was a pretty neat idea. His whole family was bowling, boxing, etc and loving it. It was great to see a video game that the kids were thrilled to play brbinging the family togeather.

I love that commercial with the two guys playing wii baseball and the pitcher throws the controller into the new flatscreen television.
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  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    Video game

    For Christmas and my B-day (combo gift) I was given a Wii by Nintendo from the lovely Benni.

    It's been a real lomg time since I played video games, but this is truly fun for the whole family.
    For those of you who don't know, this game has a wireless remote in which you play with. Just hold on tight to it!
    The sports games are fun, playing tennis, golf,bowling,swimming, running,etc..

    And I must say you do get a work out, standing, swinging, stretching.
    I even recently read an article that physical therapists are using these games for their patients.
    Nintendo has a winner here, funny now you can even stay in shape while playing video games.

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  • joe lambert_2
    joe lambert_2 Member Posts: 61
    Happy New Year Devan!

    Been off the past couple of weeks and saw I missed your call, will catch up after the Holiday. We also bought the Wii, amazing isn't it. Now I can play tennis, bowl, golf or be the ninja I always thought I could be!

    "c'mon kids go outside and play, oh me? err I have to do something, err check the Wii for errors or something" "now hurry up and run along kids"

    Talk to you soon my friend!

  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Pciked one up for my sons for Christmas

    I've allready played golf with a buddy and bowling and tennis with my sons. It really is fun.

    My youngest was boxing for about a half an hour and then said " Dad I gotta sit down ". He was sweating :)


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  • Mark Hunt_3
    Mark Hunt_3 Member Posts: 184
    Threw my arm out

    playing baseball with my son. (I may have to try some of those steroids I keep hearing so much about)

    It is a lot of fun, but when I was his age you could not keep me in the house. (Before you start making some age joke Milne, I DID have an Atari!)

    My 7 year old daughter would rather be outside. She plays a game or two and then she's done. Back playing in the snow.

    Neat technology though.

    Mark "Not nearly as old as Scott Milne" H
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    Try the Tiger Woods PGA '08. Not as easy as the golf version that comes with the Wii.
    You could eat up some serious time going thru all 18 holes, and a sore back, I've now adapted the one arm wii golf swing, may expain why I'm doing so bad at it.

    My favorite plumber - Mario Bros. Olympic games is also fun.

    Scott my 4 y.o gets into the boxing also.

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  • hvacfreak
    hvacfreak Member Posts: 439
    Wii like it!

    Guitar Hero is my favorite on this thing. The crowd gets kinda mean if you miss to many notes.
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