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RA832A for priority

IZZY Member Posts: 50


  • IZZY
    IZZY Member Posts: 50

    Looking for wiring diagram for a Honeywell RA832A wiring for priority for DHW. Went on Honeywell's website and found the literature, but only showed standard wiring.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year.
  • Priority

    Izzy, I don`t see that you can wire a Honeywell RA832A for priority unless you start adding others(relays), within the circuit.
  • IZZY
    IZZY Member Posts: 50

    I didn't think so. It doesn't seem to make sense without, like you said, adding other relays, but I have an indirect fired water heater wired through an RA832A as its own zone, just like all the others. The homeowner runs out of domestic hot water when they are showering, which just started recently; they claim it has been fine in the past. The 80 gallon Boilermate is only about 4 years old. Another plumber told her that the Boilermate is defective and needed to be replaced. When I went to check it out I noticed that the water tank was wired like all the others, but it was the first one in the line of relays. This is what prompted my question. (Incidentally, I found the boiler supply and return piping temps to be fine at the Boilermate, and the temp of the outlet dhw seemed to never drop below 130 while I ran two faucets for about a half an hour, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the unit, I think there is a cross connection, like a bad shower body passing cold water, I have to investigate further). Anyway what would I need to do, or get, to wire the unit for priority?
  • Any of the Multizone panels

    from Taco, Argo, Honeywell will allow you to run all your heating zones and give priority to the DHW zone by the priority switch on those panels.

    Honeywell is the older R8888 Series or the new AQ2000 series

    Taco is the SR series 502, 503 etc. or the EXP version

    Argo is the ARM series of controls

    Also Erie offers multizone panels
  • Al Corelli_2
    Al Corelli_2 Member Posts: 395

    Doesn't the Boilermate (both knob control and Smart control) have a built in relay for priority?

    Check the instructions. You may not have to buy anything.

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    Al Corelli, NY

  • IZZY
    IZZY Member Posts: 50

  • zeke
    zeke Member Posts: 223

    Look for a relay between the one for the hot water heating and the others. The fact that this was working in a priority mode seems to indicate that a relay with normally closed contacts is welded closed so that on a call for HW the contacts feeding the other zones is not opening, as it should. Should be a simple changeout of that relay.

    To clarify, the way it normally works is on a call for HW, the 832a serving the HW also powers the coil to that added relay whose normally closed contact,opens thus prohibiting power from reaching the remaining 832's. When the HW system is satisfied the contacts close and the other zones can be serviced.
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