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harford loop

lawson Member Posts: 2
What is a harford loop, do I need one, how does it work.

I have a steam boiler, with a one line system on the first floor and a two line system to the second floor. Second floor is always cold. Heat will work once, first thing in the morn and not again the rest of the day. I took off the torpedo vent and got nothing but water. This was on one of the second floor radiators. I have CI rads on the first floor, and fin tube copper on the second floor. We are looking to replace our boiler in the spring but I can't seem to get anyone to give us a price on a boiler. I will install it myself. We prefer a gas/propane boiler, good or bad idea. We live in Upstate NY.


  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Hey MOE!

    Much like Curly speaking to Moe....you just answered your own question.

    CI rads on the first fl. and Copper fin tube on the second....seems obvious to me.The steam needs to work as the diagram shown in the install manual (at the very least!)

    You need to find a steam guy for the first floor...with common sense enough to find a way to make hot water for the 2nd floor.(copper finned B.B is a LOUSY way to transfer steam heat...and a bit "out of the ordinary"..to boot)

    May I suggest a steam boiler to fit the entire load....with a coil or side-arm heater piped low on the boiler, using available tapping's and making it a "hot water" zone?

    It's either this, or consider changing the whole system to hot water. Making steam radiators into hot water radiators CAN be expensive. the cost for both will be a bit...but you've got to pick your battles and choose which ones you want to fight. Chris
  • bruhl
    bruhl Member Posts: 10

    HO here. Moe, you might want to get Dan's books for sale on this site to become more familiar with the parts required the technical difficulty of doing what you intend to do. One thing that is mentioned several times is to know when to keep your hands in your pockets. This might be sage advice here.
    I think that you are also discovering that these heating contractors are not in the business of selling parts. They sell and install engineered systems that provide for the safety and warmth for your family. They know their capabilities and limitations and they aslo don't have the slightest idea of what ideas you might conjure up with the boiler they sold you. I would guess they would have legal issues under the worst of circumstances. They also don't want to be constantly questioned about how things are done, what purpose they serve etc. It might not come to that, but I think you see they don't want to get involved with that project.
    Just a HO here as I said.
  • I wouldn't try to convert it

    to all hot-water, that's a great way to find weak spots in old piping and radiators...... the results aren't pretty. Also, there may not be enough baseboard to heat the rooms with hot-water.

    Instead, I'd find some good, used cast-iron radiators and put them on the second floor- and make the whole thing steam!

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