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Low Water Reset - Utica Boiler

brian_67brian_67 Posts: 4Member

You were right (also spoke with Utica - they were great as well). What appears to have happened is that the roofers wrapped the base of the chimney with a tarp as a precaution against rain damage. They likely rested the tarp or somehow momentarily blocked the flue - creating the back pressure in the flue.

The Utica Boiler has two resets - one for the flue. One press of the reset and the boiler fired on a call for heat. The draft in the chimney is strong. With the knowledge that the wrapping happened exactly when the boiler when down I feel fairly confident that nothing was dropped down the chimney.

Sorry to confused the issue with the Low Water condition.

Thank you all for the help. It's nice to be warm again!



  • brian_67brian_67 Posts: 4Member
    Low Water Reset - Utica Boiler

    How do I clear the LOW WATER PRESSURE condition/Manually reset the system??

    I have a control problem with my Utica MGB150HD (natural gas/ continuous pilot) boiler with a Honeywell L8148E Controller.

    I have turned off electrical power thinking it would clear the low pressure error – No luck.

    Here’s what happened. I bled the air out of my radiators in November and things were fine – but not really. Had unknowingly lowered the water pressure on my system to almost zero. My cold water make-up valve just before the pressure regulating valve was manually closed. It’s now open and pressure in back to 12 psig.

    Presently – Boiler will not fire
    Water pressure is 12 psig.
    Pilot is on – vent will swing open on temperature but no fire.
    Temperature in the boiler is 85F due to pilot remaining lit.
    Neither Taco pump comes on to circulate water.

    My boiler is a Utica MGB150HD (natural gas/ continuous pilot) with a Honeywell L8148E Controller. I have a two zone forced hot water system (one zone main floor, one zone second floor). Each zone is controlled by a Honeywell/34 ProgrammableThermostat and a Honeywell R845A Relay.

    I have a volt meter if needed.

    Thanks in advance,

  • carol_3carol_3 Posts: 397Member

    What device is giving the low water alarm? I can't picture how any of the Honeywell controls you list could do that.
  • Do you have a low

    water cutoff on this boiler? If so it will need to be reset before anything happens as it probably is shutting off the 120 volts to the system. It is probably a McDonnel Miller or Hydrolevel
  • In addition to my comment above

    you said the vent will open, do you have a vent damper in the flue pipe is that what you mean by vent?
  • brian_67brian_67 Posts: 4Member

    The water pressure gauge indicated zero psig. I have assumed a LOW WATER PRESSURE but can easily be wrong. --- There were roofers reshingling the roof when I lost heat.
  • brian_67brian_67 Posts: 4Member

    Yes, The "vent" is a vent damper between boiler and the chimney. Coincedently, I did have workers on the roof putting shingles on the roof and reflashing the chimney.
  • I would check the flue,

    I have a feeling your roofers may have dropped something down the chimney and it is blocking the vent damper from opening all the way. Is it a Honeywell damper, or an Effikal? If the damper does not open fully nothing else will work as it is interlocked with your gas control system. If your pressure is back up to 12 PSIg everything should be okay once the damper is opening fully.

    Let us know how you make out.
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