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missing radiators what are the consequences

jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935
equals no heat!!!!

reducing radiators means others have to work hard(hotter) to make up the difference.

higher water temps equals higher gas bills....... or they run longer at normal boiler temp which is a good thing.


  • Richard_24
    Richard_24 Member Posts: 1
    What are the consequences

    WHen the price of natural gaz was low some radiators were taken off the system. Now they ask to turn the heat up. In one case the hot water pipes were just capped in other cases they were just joined. Should we reinstall rads where they were taken off and why.
  • Al Roethlisberger
    Al Roethlisberger Member Posts: 194
    Like many things.... it depends

    Whether the removal of the radiators has a net good or bad effect depends on many variables...

    - type of system
    - how the radiators were connected/plumbed
    - has the envelope improved or degraded, i.e. added insulation, poorly maintained windows, etc
    - has anything else in the system changed, such the boiler or other additions/removals

    ...it really can depend quite a bit.

    If you have some concerns, you should probably have a pro come in and look at what you've got, find out what your problems/challenges are, and what your goal is... and then come to a conclusion based on the current state of the system and structure's requirements.

    I don't know that there is a simple answer to your question, other than "yes it matters". How much it matters, and whether it was a good or bad thing really is hard to tell without someone taking the time to put their mind to it.

    That being said, in my case, I have an old gravity system which can be very sensitive to piping changes. However, it is now sealed/circulated and I did have a previous owner remove one radiator from an upstairs bedroom in an earlier remodel.

    But in the end, my radiators are not in series, and I'm probably over radiated for my structure(at least it seems so). So the net effect is probably not really worth worrying about from a flow or heating perspective.

    But I only realize that after examining my heating needs, the system, and how that radiator was connected.

    If you are really concerned, again, I'd see if you can get a pro over there to give you their opinion and go from there.

    Good luck. I personally am not a fan of haphazard chopping up of any system that was initially designed to work in harmony with all of its components. It always ends up making a lot of work for someone down the road when they have to figure out what happened.

    Just a DIY'er trying to learn, and improve and maintain his converted ca 1929 overhead gravity hot water system since there is no one local that can.
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