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TAC Steam Zone Valve

I'm looking for a source for a TAC (no, not Taco) steam zone valve here in the SE PA area.

The T_A, I'm told, is originally Tour-Anderson.
I can't find diddly on their website and my local guys keep
suggesting their own brands.

The actuator is made in France and the body is Swedish.
I wouldn't mind switching to a more available brand valve, but the job is only about 4 years old, clean, and if I can find the valve, it's a 1/2 hour job. Otherwise I have to reinvent the wheel.



  • Brad White_2
    Brad White_2 Member Posts: 188

    TAC as I know them is a merger of Tour and Andersson and Andover Controls (TAC being Tour Andover Controls if that helps you.)

    I believe that the valves they use are Belimo which is Swiss in origin but are imported and supported in the USA out of the Danbury CT area. TAC as I know them are in Andover, MA. They should have representatives in all major cities. Phila. is what I would certainly call a major city...
    CONFUSED_5 Member Posts: 8

    Yes, we're major. Approaching world class, in fact!

    But finding someone who can source an obscure Euro-valve
    is tough. Kinda like nailing jello to a tree.
    They're pushing their Modutrols.

    2 unions, 3 wires and the job is done.
    And consisitant with the other valves.
    Like to keep it clean.

    I know some reps in Danbury.
    Time to bang the phones.

    If I score, stop by for a cheesesteak!

  • Jeff Elston
    Jeff Elston Member Posts: 289

    Try Avco Supply. I have gotten plenty of TAC from Avco.

    their link
    CONFUSED_5 Member Posts: 8

    I'll try them today.

    CONFUSED_5 Member Posts: 8

    They had it on the shelf!
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