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boiler gone wrong

Al GregoryAl Gregory Member Posts: 260
Looks like someone read a book and decided they could do it themselves.


  • joshuajoshua Member Posts: 3
    boiler gone wrong falling apart

    My general contractor hired a plumber to put a heating system in for me. tell me what you think of his work. tell me if he broke any heating and plumbing codes in vt.
  • EJWEJW Member Posts: 69

    I don't think a single thing in any of the pictures would meet code. Where in VT?

  • The GC...

    took the lowest bid? So.... who's to blame?
  • kevin coppingerkevin coppinger Member Posts: 2,124

    I can't believe a plumber would do that...any plumber....are you sure it was not a handyman or it out and start again. kpc

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  • Jim BennettJim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    That guy.....

    wasn't qualified to carry the tools in!

    He's no Plumber!
    Jim Bennett
  • If that was a plumber

    he must have been on crack or something. A five-year-old could have done better. I sure hope he hasn't been paid, cause it will all have to be ripped out and re-done. Including the smoke pipe, which appears to be way too close to the wood.....

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  • PlumdogPlumdog Member Posts: 873
    I doubt it

    There wasn't any Plumber involved. Nor a Pipefitter, Electrician or HVAC man. Not even a GC as far as I can tell. Why is all the Plumbing hanging in the garage? Did the plans come from the back of a magazine?
  • Well Plumbdog, it is VT....

    the land of approved open systems!
  • Charlie MasoneCharlie Masone Member Posts: 66

    There is a gas pipe in the garage, did the same guy install this? I would be very scared!
  • Norm HarveyNorm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    This has to be a joke
    "We see the world as WE are, not as IT is, because it is the "I" behind the EYE that does the seeing"
  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54

    ha ha ha! this is a good point to start a 'wall of shame'
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    looks like he broke some....

    one law i think he broke is Gravity :)

    it is "unusual" to be honest . cannot say that i have ever seen anything quite like it.
  • TimTim Member Posts: 153

    I am not the best installer out there or the worst. I have plenty to learn but, you have to call it as you see it. This person did break a couple of laws. The law of common sense and the law of taking pride in your work. This is a great example of what not to do. I wonder if this person and the GC would allow this in thier own house. Take them to task on this.
  • Randy-Lee BramanRandy-Lee Braman Member Posts: 40

    Wow what a waste of money.Did this come from a how not to pipe your boiler book.Had one that was about the same the
    other day,sure the installer does'nt moonlight in PA.
    RIP IT OUT and start over.
  • PlumdogPlumdog Member Posts: 873
    Maybe that's it!

    It's the water! I moved away from there 42 years ago; and from the looks of it, I'd say nothing's changed. They still huddle around the kitchen table in big sweaters, frost on the INSIDE of the windows, getting paler by the hour.
  • Mark EathertonMark Eatherton Member Posts: 255
    A sage word of advise to those consumers viewing this thread

    Just becasue the person you met can talk the talk, DOESN'T mean they can walk the walk.

    As you can see by looking at the above set of photographs, not eveyone knows HOW to do it. Sure, anyone can be taught to solder, or run pipe,but to do it in a manner that would make you proud to take people to the basement to show them why you are so comfortable requires practice and skill.

    Don't just assume that the company will do a good job of installation. Ask to see some of their completed operations, and ask the consumer if they have had any "issues" with the system, and if so, how were these issues handled, and were they handled in a timely manner.

    Do your due dilligence. You are marrying the installing contractor and his work for life... and he has your life in his hands. Make sure he treats it properly.

    And it doesn't matter wether they are a licensed plumber, or heating contractor or handyman or electrician or general contracotr or whatever. Every trade has their share of bozo's out trying to make a living, and ripping people off in the process.

    Do YOUR homework before signing on the dotted line, and avoid having to come to a place like this seeking opinions and help.

    My condolences to the honeowner in need...

  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287

    Tell me if the system works, As in, does it heat your house adequately?

    The major glaring issue that I see concerning your safety is that chimney LINER being used as your actual breeching pipe. That's a major code violation in these parts. Ehe wall penetration looks mighty suspect also. Maybe they are attempting to burn down your house so they can get paid and start over.

    AFA the piping goes............ I'd be shamed to say I did that. If the GC has any sense of responsibility toward you, I'd think he'd make his installer "fix" that mess befroe he paid him. It's just inconceivable that someone claiming to be a professional would perform work like that.

    If the GC is that ambivalent about work quality on something you can see, it would make me wonder what the workmanship behind the drywall is like.........Any strong wind in your area?
  • mike amike a Member Posts: 224
    more to this

    Look at the plumbing pics in the garage it is neat not what i would do but still Ok as long as garage is heated.I would say that the same guy did not do this I would bet the first Plumber didnt get paid and he found a drunk in the bar to finish the boiler
  • psdpsd Member Posts: 86
    Looks too bad to be anyone's real attempt

    I may be naive ...

    but this looks like a hoax to me. I can't believe that anyone would try to pass this off as even a lame attempt for real work. In this case you need to double the insult because a GC was in the middle ... and it would have taken two incredibly deficient individuals with absolutely no pride to get this far!

    And for strike 3 ... you have the HO who should have not let it get this far by doing the right due diligence before hand, or stepping in when things started to look ugly. And what about permits and code inspections?? My money says this is a prank and someone is having a laugh at our expense.
  • RonRon Member Posts: 184
    Don't let these

    pictures get to Germany. When they finish laughing, or cussing, they'll come re-pop the boiler. Might even pay you to give it back.

  • Charlie MasoneCharlie Masone Member Posts: 66

    I have been searching the internet all day for something funnier than this, haven't found it...

    OK, he asked "what codes were broken" what were they?

    I will assume that the contractor was not licensed, there is one code.
  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54

    but who would be willing (or generous enough) to ruin all this good stuff just to give us a laugh? clearly the system has been actually running some.
  • ed wallaceed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
    boiler in vt

    looks like some drunken monkees did the install on second thought that is an insult to drunken monkees
  • mikebegoodmikebegood Member Posts: 17

    Words escape me at first. On my worst day at my youngest I cant imagine doing anything like that. Just thinking that that was done by someone who professes the same profession makes me sick. I feel only shame.
  • DaveDave Member Posts: 1,405
    The good news is....

    The guy forgot his only wrench and left it on the boiler.
  • MattMatt Member Posts: 163
    I know what happened

    it was friday on friday at lunch time and the GC took his plumber to lunch . after several cocktails the GC decided it was a good time to tell him he was not going to get his check to day and would have to wait until after the whole job was done and he got paid before he could pay the plumber.the plumber responded with the fact that this check was supposed to be from the last job that was completed and the disscussion became heated. at this point both being a little intoxacated the GC proclaims"*&%#@$%^&;* I can finish it my self" and the rest of the story is in pictures above.

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  • stevesteve Member Posts: 185

    Stop the madness... this stuff is great

    You guys are making this stuff up!!!
  • ChasChas Member Posts: 104
    beside heating what about plumbing !

    What a total waste and i mean the plumbing also all those pipes should have been located on one side so they can be boxed and rocked instead of a totally dropped or mis mus cieling boxes and as other have stated a big re pipe and how about a couple of support clamps before you damage the threads on the boiler tappings .peace and good luck clammy
  • Mac P&HMac P&H Member Posts: 3
    Boiler gone wrong

    Hate to be the drywaller on that job, trying to dry wall that garage. has to be drywalled for fire.
  • Bryan CumminsBryan Cummins Member Posts: 14

    Where's a building inspector when you need one
  • Glenn SossinGlenn Sossin Member Posts: 592
    A shame

    that someone did such horrendous work and charged for it. At least he put in a good product......or was that specified by the homeowner?
  • TimTim Member Posts: 12

    Tremendous! Look at picture 517. You can actually see the water dripping out of the fitting and splashing on the shut off valve below! And is that flexible dryer vent pipe connected with duct tape?! I'd get a CO detector in there stat!
  • PlumdogPlumdog Member Posts: 873
    Not to worry

    The GC and the inspector are fishin (drinkin) buddies, and the inspection is done by cell-phone camera. They do it around here too.
  • Brad WhiteBrad White Member Posts: 188
    When does the

    RICO statute kick in?

    I hope the installer finds a level in his Christmas stocking this year so Santa can beat him with it.

    Whoever installed that did not even try. Beyond sad.
  • GordyGordy Member Posts: 7,111
    But....Does it work Joshua?

    I just had to ask. You just asked what we thought of the visual. Is this one where beauty is in the eye of the beholder? What was he beholding?

    Personally if this were a house being built for me... I would have made enough appearances checking on the progress of work to throw this installer off the site, before things went as far as they did.

    Is it feasable to do that kind of work in a single day?

    I would be seeing the GC, and the installer in court. Pictures are all the proof a judge would need. A 10 year old would have to question the logistics of this assembly.

  • GordyGordy Member Posts: 7,111

    Enough said Mark!!!
  • TimcoTimco Member Posts: 2,814

    He did use a BFP...

    Working on steam and hot-water systems isn't rocket's actually much harder.
  • MarsMars Member Posts: 65
    that there is nice enough for a picture

    I'm going to frame that there picture and hang it in the office. that way I can think of all the reasons that this industry brings me business. Its just to bad the home owner was not aware of what his system should look like.
  • MitchMitch Member Posts: 955

    Truth..did you hire a pro, or was this a DIY with a 10 year old father son bonding project? and you want pro comments?

    really? was it a pro (obviously using the term REAL loose here) Because if it was you and a son, let him cut the pipe next time and you assemble.

    Not bad for a blind child, but a pro?!?! gimme a break.

    (sorry about the DIY comments, I did not mean to insult you or your son if you have any, actually you could likely do better than that "ung ung choke "pro"", just joking)

    Not sure about your code, but here:

    Vent in pic 538. 1" clearance to combistibles, you dont have it. Touching plastic pipe, not allowed, pipe not supported, exp tank not supported, witing not properly strapped, liner right to flue not allowed, leaking pipe fittings (I saw at least 3) nope, must be tight. Pipe on an angle like that with no support..BAD, must be supported, Water and drain in Garage, only if heated, insulated. (plus the way that is the drywaller will kick you where it counts as fire stop is mandatory in a garage) I assume the duct tape on the vent is because it is split (no other reason I can think of) Nono despite it being right to the boiler.

    JEEZ, I cant stay here all day and write everything I see...

    Seriuously fire that guy, sue to have it repaired PROPERLY, and as a consolation get the guy a tape measure and level and a pamphet about the local trade school so he can learn about plumbing. there has to be a class somewhere.

    Good god, never mind astethics (sp) and planning. your pro is likely the type I see here..."hey it want pretty it'll cost more..."

    I could do better drunk and blindfolded with oven mitts on...
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