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Are there Dumb questions?

Greg B
Greg B Member Posts: 3
I mentioned this in another post. Previous homeowner removed a cast iron radiator (baseray standup) and bridged the gap with a piece of pipe? Doesn't this degrade my system by connecting the inlet to the return and should I cut this out and just cap the ends instead? Sounds dumb I know but unless I ask....


  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    It Depends...

    on how it is piped.

    I had a very small house once (four baseboard convectors) that was piped in a series, in one rad then out to the next etc.

    If you stop the flow in one rad, you stopped them all.

    I would think if it was piped in parallel then you could cap them off at the inlet and outlet.

    Jim Bennett
  • bob_46
    bob_46 Member Posts: 813
    Do you

    have a monoflow (one pipe) system?
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