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Base board hot water - NOISE

Erik_5 Member Posts: 2
I've had this noise before and all I had to do was bleed the lines from air which caused the valve to "ping". This started a few days ago I can not get it to stop. I've drained my over-flow tank 3 times and bled the lines I don't know how many times now. Can't figure out why it won't stop. The furnace has been on since October but this is the first time it started doing this. Any thoughts?


  • Purging Air

    Draining the expansion tank won't help in the least. A good place to start is to power purging the system, but you have to have a purge assembly installed so that you can do this and I don't know an easy way to explain the setup (anybody have a link?). The next best method is to increase the pressure on the system to 20 or 25 psi; keep it below 30 psi and this will squeeze the air bubbles smaller so they move around easier.

    The most desperate method was taught to me by Mark Eatherton; add some dishwashing liquid to the system and it will reduce the surface tension of the water, allowing the air to pass.

    Good luck.
  • Erik_5
    Erik_5 Member Posts: 2
    re:purging air

    I was told to keep the pressure between 8 and 12. How do I get it to increase? Add more water?
  • For a single story

    house, 8-12 psi is the proper operating pressure; for air purging, it's sometimes necessary to increase it.

    Yes, you need to add more water. We usually install a bypass valve for manual filling, but you may not have one. When missing, adjust the pressure reducing valve (also called a fill valve) to allow more water into the system or if there is a hose bibb on the system somewhere, you can fill it with a garden hose. Whichever way, monitor the pressure while you're filling it to keep it below 30 psi.

    All this sounds easy on paper, but things can go wrong and you might end up hating me. More than likely, if you mess with the fill valve, it will never be the same, i.e. gets stuck open or closed. Either way, you will end up knowing your hydronic system more intimately.

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