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temperrture averaging t/stat

tim smith
tim smith Member Posts: 2,360
Clammy, we have the same problem in alot of single zone 20 to 50 unit bldgs. We have used vision pros with remote sensors and keypad in boiler room w/ semi ok results. What I have looked for and want is to just time control for boiler/pumps with cycling on and off every few hrs for maybe 2 hrs in am and maybe 3 late pm say 5-7. + couple 30 min run times late am and early pm. But the kicker is I would like outdoor temp feed back to timer that the base times above would be at say 55 degrees and then as it got colder the run time would automatically extend to compensate. The initial length of cycle could be adjusted based on bldg load and system response. Just thinkin. Tim


  • Chas_2
    Chas_2 Member Posts: 104
    temperture averaging thermostats

    Wondering how much better a large 1 pipe steam system serving 3 connected buildingswould operate using say a temperture averaging thermostat that averages say 3 sensors and operates boiler off the average temp,right now this systems uses a heat timer and it controls the burner time and is using a outdoor sensor and 1 building sensor which is straped onto a raditor run off pipe ,the owner is looking fir something that would give heim better control and not over shoot temp where the tenants have the windows open peace and good luck clammy
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    The problem with a temperature averaging stat is that it delivers the average of the demand for heat, but not what any individual wants. So everyone's unhappy. I don't think it's going to address your problem at all! Too much other stuff going on, too.
  • Chas_2
    Chas_2 Member Posts: 104
    indoor sensor

    well could it be any worse then no indoor feed back what so ever as it is 2 building that no sensor are located in roast and even the last lone building semi roasting ,as for trv there kinda outta the question as there is absoulty no space for them all the convectors are governale in a very very low profile convector cabinet it's a semi mircale just to get a air vent on them no less a trv maybe it would be better to use a remote sensor and have a thermostat remotly mounted and use a tekmar outddor re set for warm weather shut down being the promblem with the heat timer is the long shot down perdiod after the sensor is satisfied and by the time she cycles back on half the system is stone cold ,aside from that i'm still in the process of trying to get a 2 stage gas train for the terrible oversized steam boiler to help control the short cyclimg at about the last 15 minutes of operation peace and good luck clammy
  • jackie c
    jackie c Member Posts: 7
    Need a cool thermostat

    I have a radiant heating system in my two story new house which i built three years ago which being a PC contractor have never finished all the odds and ends.Also have ac and supplemental heat with a coil from the air handler piped from the boiler.Right now i have two thermostats because each system were started at different times.Could you suggest a single thermostat which would incorporate radiant heat,Ac and supplemental heat[wire still poked inside wall] which would not require any night courses to understand,or wold i be better off with one combo for heat and Ac and one sigle for supplemental located elsewhere.Would like something sleek or cool loking!!!!!Kind regards
  • jackie c
    jackie c Member Posts: 7

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