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dry steam wet steam and temps

Anna Conda
Anna Conda Member Posts: 122
Carry-over will drag the steam temperature down, its true. Keeps it at the evaporation temperature, keeps the water in the transition state, so it never truly becomes steam, never gains any more sensible heat. Carry-over that bad is usually found in industrial boilers, though, because of the high demands and higher pressures.


  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,112
    dry /wet steam temps

    well i'm chasing down alot of promblems on this burmham 1105b steamer which has some less then lovable near boiler piping while there i had noticed that i was not sweating while in the boiler room and the header is not insulated ,so i went and grabbed my strap on digital thermister to check the header temp only about 190 degree at best afetr she was cycling ,the sight glass does have carry over and the from my esitmates thye steam leaving the station with a velocity of about 34 fps ,would this be because of all the carry over steam from the header being the wrong size ,usually on all of my install i can't even touch the header because it's so hot ,on the flip side i have done some main vent changing and have increase most of them and have gone from abouta 1/2 hour till the end of the mains got hot to about 12 minutes and that is with the pressuretrol down to about .05 in 1 lb out still waiting for a vaporstat to arrive ,so what's you guys feeling about the header temp ?peace and good luck clammy
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  • Chas_2
    Chas_2 Member Posts: 104
    any input

    still wondering ?any insight ?peace and good luck clammy
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