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My Quiet Place

You can always go back in your memory to that time and place and re-grasp that particular bit of reality.

It is amazing that what is important one moment is utterly unimportant the next. (trust me on that, I know)

Do you have any pics to share with us?



  • Tim Lindstrom
    Tim Lindstrom Member Posts: 42
    My Quiet Place

    Today is my return to reality, I just had a great vacation that started with pheasant hunting in North Dakota (birds in swarms, not flocks) and ending in one of the crown jewels of our Country, South Dakota. While the hunting part was great which included guns and some serious after hunting indulgence, a few days away from the everyday insanity of work were much needed and pretty eye opening.

    My hobby away from work is photography and Western South Dakota is an amazing place to see and photograph. Only a few days ago, I sat next to a prarie dog village with a bald eagle perched in a tree across a field from me. My whole focus was to photograph this incredible bird snatching a little dog for his lunch. I'll bet there wasn't a soul within 5 miles of me and my cell phone read " searching for signal". While the eagle lost interest, I experienced a small slice of heaven.

    Today, I'm back at work. I talk to one of my Customers. He tells me about one of his Customers, a water heater he purchased is'nt performing to his satisfaction and he has "ripped it out". Not only does he want his money back, he is going to return it by "throwing it through the store's window". Later I get to attend a meeting which included EIGHT people not because the equipment they purchased didn't work. It was because a new energy auditor was hired and thought this needed to be a greener project.

    I miss my quiet place, this insanity has replaced reality. We, as an Industry,have to put common sense in front of the feel good "band-aids. I'll bet the eagle I watched wasn't thinking about all the what-ifs, it was only thinking of lunch and just knew that tomorrow lunch was still going to be there.

    The bird never complained, never threatened (well, at least he didn't threaten me) and just dealt with the daily ordeal of survival. Why do we have to make so much out of so little? My "inner-peace" i had achieved last week got a beat down today. What I can say to that water heater tossing clown and the feel good "make this place greener nomatter what(as long as it is not on my dime) person, is "You should have been there".

  • Tim Lindstrom
    Tim Lindstrom Member Posts: 42

    What do you what to see? I have never made a dime from my pictures. Wildlife, close-ups landscapes? Let me know and I will share whatever you want to see. If I could just share the experience that is good enough. The files are pretty big, send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you some pretty cool stuff. (i have thousands of pictures so tell me what you want to see).

    P.S. Are you going to attend WetStock in Denver next Spring?
  • Larry (from OSHA)
    Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 691
    I was just thinking

    something of your choosing scaled down and compressed enough to share here. Perhaps something from your recent trip.

    And no I doubt that I'll make it to Denver. I'd like to though!
  • Bryan_16
    Bryan_16 Member Posts: 262
    South Dakota

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to our state. I'm headed out west this weekend elk hunting with my son. Can expect encounters with mule deer, whitetail, mt. lion and lots of chipmunks(ground squirels). Eagles are common also. Nothing like 40 miles of nothingness to clear your mind.
  • Darin Cook_5
    Darin Cook_5 Member Posts: 298

    It sounds like you had a great time in the Dakota's. I want to go out there pheasant hunting myself. I was up in Northern Maine deer hunting in the beginning of this month. I only saw one little doe but enjoyed myself to no end. Nothing like the solitude of the woods to gather your wits and reenergize your soul. I too walked right back in the frying pan with the business but those precious times help keep it all in perspective.


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