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Unique Valve & Grav Conversion

is to keep the water's velocity low, so it won't short-circuit thru the radiators. You can do this with smaller circulators, or with reduced pipe sizing as Clammy did.

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  • Buzz G.
    Buzz G. Member Posts: 61
    Honeywell Unique Valves

    as seen in Dan's book, but I can't figure out how they will work with a circulator. Most of my rads have this valve, but have not seen discussion of use in upgraded system.
  • Chas_2
    Chas_2 Member Posts: 104

    I have done gravity conversions on a system contain honeywell unique raditor valves and had no promblem ,i piped the system primary secondary and for the system pump i used a taco 007 as for the pipe sizing i just reduced the main by 1/2 and then one size down ,in the system that i did i installed a munchkin t80 and it's run with a max temp on design day of 160 design day temo was set at 5 ,not one complaint yet and it's on it's thrid heating season ,peace and good luck clammy
  • Buzz G.
    Buzz G. Member Posts: 61
    Thank you both

    When embarking on a whole new boiler install it is kinda scary so I have had more questions than I should have/The pro comes Monday, but he has done mostly big setups.
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