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bladder type expansion tanks

The air will be absorbed by the water and eventually vented to the atmosphere. How fast it happens probably depends on how the tank is mounted, and what device is being used to vent or remove air bubbles. It would only be a very short term fix. Replace the tank if the bladder is ruptured.


  • targetman
    targetman Member Posts: 105
    bladder type expansion tanks

    Question is if it is determined that the bladder has failed in an expansion tank, can you simply pump it full of air?
  • radiioconnection

    Is correct.

  • martin
    martin Member Posts: 144
    Bladder Tank

    Most bladder tanks hang with the outlet up. If you pump it ful of air you will just air loc your system tighter than what happens when I eat at McDsss
  • No you can not

    The tank will air lock the system if the 1/2 IPT is facing up (as most are) and you try to fill the tank with air.

    More important, the bladder side of the tank is suitable for exposure to water, however the side of the tank that normally is only exposed to air would rust out quickly if it is filled and pressurized with water for any length of time.

    Replace the tank with a new one. No other option.

    Ed Carey
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