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gas heating blower not working surg happened now what

teddy_2 Member Posts: 3
hello gods of HVAC world,, i have a older home that used to have a cole burner, well that family left the place , then some one else added a stand alone gas heating system, not a water boiler just gas heat, and then some where in there i cam along and found this place,, well the trouble today is,, there was a surg, the lady <yes lady> who came to install the dryer <who knew> well she turned around the power strip on the back taking it from 4 prong to 3,, that day the trouble started , i also had the gas folks here and the heater had a bad air return so we had to seal that up and place some larger pipe <from 3 up to 4 on the top running the waste away ,,up an out,,, ok so here is the trouble,, the heater worked for a full day,, i then went to do landry one load,, and things went well, but then time to dry and all i could do was freak as the power surged and my power strip blew, my dryer seamed to pull all the power then snap every thing went black, then in a few sec every thing came back on,, ok the dryer stopped, the smell from the strip and the phone, oh ya and the heater<little ele one for the bath room after a shower till i add the one for the wall later this month> it was a mess,, so with the doors open the house cooled down fast,, the heater never turned back on, so as i was reading the help side i was wondering if there was a test or a page where i could see what these parts look like not that i would not like some one else to do it but after the dryer stunt i think i may be safer to do this alone, and just to let ya know i dont blame woman in fact the lady who helpped with the plumbing was the best she had the pipes done from kitchen and two bath rooms all alone in a matter of hours then said ok time to test and wow every thing worked out, so when this lady was done i trusted and now im heat less, please help ,,


  • Try resetting the

    circuit breaker.
  • teddy_2
    teddy_2 Member Posts: 3
    ran trouble shooting ,

    i reset the breaker box, this did no good, i made sure the pilot was lit, double checker the thermost hook up theen late last night the heating system tryed to kick on, it pulled the ele like normal, but after 3 times it stoped so now im dealing with this yet again and the HVAC guys want more then 100 to just walk in the door,,, im a broke joke from al the stuff wrong with this place,, help
  • Try to give me some

    identification of controls. What is the make and model of the gas valve, is this a furnace or a boiler (Steam or Forced Hot Water). You stated that the pilot is lit so this is a standing pilot system. Does it have 24 volts, 120 volts or is it a self generating system? I realize you do not have the money to afford a pro but you may not have any choice as things are not always as simple as they may seem to repair or get running.
  • teddy_2
    teddy_2 Member Posts: 3
    what is it,,

    thank you again, and im sure i could sale a kiddny or some old thing i find at the church but i will look it over real good it is basic stand alone system gas it has a plug running off the side that goes to its own plug in and thats 120, both the places where a name was have the first two or three letters rusted off thats just my luck, but it looks like arkle and i tryed to look thaat up but there is no way to search it on the web so i was forced to keep looking as for the sounds no new sounds come from it, im very wiling to get some iin just who and how much , one guy called me back said he wanted 140 just to lok it over, maybe your right maybe thats about normal, but if i can do this my self it will give me one more window in this place to replace the ones that were broken when they took the window AC units,, now when i was looking at the system it has the courd from thermastat running stright to the same "thing" as the gas line the big gas line runs in the side and over to side then down to botom the gas rushes from the bottom of the d letter shapped pipe and up in to the midle of heater i lit the pilot this was no big deal andhas stayed on, so loooking it over the wires comming from plug in do not get sent of no where all wires are right up front,, they sean to go to a re-lay or some thing like it,, like the ones in older cars on the side of the hood,, its a match box shapped thing with copper cools/wire wrapped tight and a brace coveres it the brase is where the wires seam to be hooked in,, then the wires run across to the other side by the big d letter gas line and they spilt up one runs up in side one runs back across,, but there is a black wire cut off one of the three thing in there but it was off when i firstlit the system and the system worked,, ok so tell me any more i can give ya and i will get it for ya,, if i can understand what need to be replaced or im close then when i call i wont get the oh sorry guy the whole things needs replaced like when the guys came to do the pipes for water,,, ok thank you again also give me a idea what it may coast to have some one look at it so i know Teddy
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