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gas valve

joe_112 Member Posts: 2
what would prevent a standing pilot 24v gas valve(Honeywell V8300) from opening? I have 24 volts at the wires, and I dont think gas inlet pressure is a problem.


  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    Could be mechanical failure due to moisture, etc,..

    Try rapping the valve body lightly with the handle of a screwdriver when the valve is trying to open.

    I just replaced one with the very same problem a couple hours ago.
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  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    gas valve not opening?

    Pilot on I trust, could be a bad coil in valve, would need new valve if so. Maybe try a new thermocouple on pilot, I have seen some weak t couples not hold magnet all the way open but very odd. Tim
  • joe_112
    joe_112 Member Posts: 2

    pilot is on, I will try a new thermocouple.
  • Joe if you have

    24 volts to the valve and it does not open then one of two things is wrong:

    1. The valve is no good and needs to be replaced

    2. You could have a broken connection on the common side of the valve.

    Do this ground one side of your meter, the "C" terminal on the transformer will do. Now take the other lead of your meter place it on one side of the valve terminal TH or TR. Do you have 24? Now go to the other side you should read "0" volts if you read 24 volts on both sides then the common leg has an open circuit and the valve is okay replace the wire. A good way to test and make sure is to jump from that terminal back to "C" on the transformer. If it comes on then you definitely have a broken wire. If you read 24 on one side and zero on the other side and the valve will not open the valve is bad. One other thing when the 24 is applied to the valve can you hear a "click" if so then the solenoid is opening. I do not think you need to replace the thermoscople unless the pilot is out or keeps going out.
    U2WATCHER Member Posts: 9
    gas not opening

    check to make sure pressure is not to high.
  • Tim_25
    Tim_25 Member Posts: 16

    Make sure gas valve is on, not in pilot
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