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Bleeding air from hot water heat system...

louie_3 Member Posts: 1
Hi folks,

Quick question for 'ya.

I have a two story home that is heated by a gas fired hot water system that uses radiators in every room. (There is only one thermostat, located in the dining room, which is located on the first floor, just above the heater.)

I have heat on the first floor, but the second floor is cool. I have checked the radiators on the first floor, and they have water in them. The second floor radiators are air-bound.

My question...

When I bleed the air from the system, where do I begin? Do I begin the bleeding process at the radiator that is located closest to the heater? Or do I begin at the farthest radiator, and work my back towards the heater location?

As there are no gauges on the heater, how do I know if I have enough water in the system? Is there a possibility that I could inadvertently over-fill the system with water?

Thanks for your time!



  • Carol_8
    Carol_8 Member Posts: 1
    Bleeding Radiators

    I've removed the bleed valve on the radiator - air comes out but no water. The radiator is warm to the touch at the bottom and cold on top. How long do you leave the bleeder out. Some radiators are hot and others are cold.
    Thank you
  • coalcracker
    coalcracker Member Posts: 51

    Your system is always supposed to be completely full if it's hot water. Bleed each radiator and if necessary bleed them again until you establish circulation. Make sure your make-up water is turned on and your air vent in the basement, if you have one, is also venting. Loosen the cap a bit on the vent.
  • coalcracker
    coalcracker Member Posts: 51

    It should bleed out in a matter of seconds, depending upon how much make-up water needs to fill the air space in the radiator.
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