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Hydro Hammering!!!

I have a system that invovles a hot water and Nitrogen line tied to the same piping. (they are seperated by check valves) In the process the hot water cleans out a system, and the nitrogen is meant to dry the lines. the waste is directly connected to a pump and then pushe duped to the cieling to a drain opening. Problem is when the nitro goes up the pipe, it creates the banging (Hydro Hammer). is there a special valve that can be installed and where to help seperate the water and nitrogen from creating the banging.


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,393
    Hydro Shock Arrestor

    is what you need. These can be specialized devices using either captive gas (N2 usually) or a spring-loaded ram or both.

    If this is a critical system (sounds like it) you should have an engineer take a look at it or contact a manufacturer directly. Hydraulic forces are exponential to velocity (forget initial pressure). Closing a street gate valve suddenly can lift a water main out of the street as you probably know.
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