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gravity hot water bioler replacement

I have said this before and I'll say it again. My favorite method is to convert the system to constant circulation, use an outdoor reset controller and inject the boiler as a primary seconday set up. You can re-create the warm radiators and get very fine control of the system doing it this way, and you protect the boiler from condensation as well. The piping is easy....just join the supplies together, join the returns together, connect them with a single pipe. In that pipe goes the P/S connection to the boiler and you system pump. I'm not good enough with computers to add a sketch here, but contact me directly if you want one and I'll get it to you.

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  • zev rosenberg_2
    zev rosenberg_2 Member Posts: 2
    gravity hot water

    I have a coustomer with gravity hot water and they love it. But they need a new boiler. Can you forward me a proper piping diagram.(the way it was isnt always the right way.)
    Give me some really good reasons to get them to convert to circulator system. If they convert are the any special conciderations in the piping and controls?
  • Al Roethlisberger
    Al Roethlisberger Member Posts: 194
    Yes please, I would love to see a sketch as well

    Hi, here's a vote for seeing any sketch you could provide! =)

    I have a similar "problem" where my old overhead gravity system was converted to a sealed circulator system about 15 years ago. But the previous owner that did the DIY job plumbed it so the flow is now "backwards" from the original convection/gravity flow, and just barely did the basics to get it working(with lots of other issues).

    I'd like to setup a pri/sec loop setup with outdoor temp reset as you describe, but keep it as simple as needed and not overcomplicate the issue, again as you seem to describe. So if you do have a minute to perhaps describe the setup in a just a bit more detail, and perhaps provide a drawing, that would help loads for my plans this Spring.


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