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steam radiator vent broken off

Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
You could drill it out, re-tap to 1/4" NPT then install a flush 1/4 X 1/8" bushing. Use this method only if all else fails.

I still like Norm's idea above a lot better. Perhaps a thin sabre saw may permit "filetting" the broken part - taking care not to nick the radiator's thread - just the broken part?

Anyone messing with this type of work should own an 1/8" NPT pipe tap. The tap chases and cleans the threads allowing easy installation to a perfect depth of the new vent's thread.

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  • broken steam radiator vent

    Trying to replace steam radiator vent, but old one broke off flush with the radiator. What's best way to remove remaining portion (threads stuck)without damaging the threads in the cast iron radiator?
  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    A tool called an "easy out" or "bolt extractor"

    They sell sets of them in most hardware stores or home centers

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  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405

    A jewelers file can be used to file out two 'cuts' in the broken vent piece, then the remainder will easily pry out. Much slower than a sabre saw, but far surer.
  • Phil_17
    Phil_17 Member Posts: 178
    Bolt extraction

    The most reliable method I've ever used is to find a left-handed drill bit that is either the "tap drill" size for the bolt/fitting, or one that is perhaps a little bit smaller.

    With this method, as you are drilling out the old part, it will release the tension in the threads, and usually just unscrew the bolt/fitting as you get near the end. No filing, no cutting, and no damage to your existing threads.

    Left handed drill bits may be hard to find in a normal hardware store, so find a place that caters to machine shops. (started my life as a machinest).
  • DanSteamIdiot
    DanSteamIdiot Member Posts: 1
    File Method Worked Great!

    I broke the stem of my radiator steam valve off in my radiator tonight. I bought a pack of small hobby files from my local mega-home store for $10. I used a triangular file and cut through the broken stem in two places. The broken pieces came out with a little manipulation.

    Thanks for the suggestion!