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capital winchester boiler

the return lines are the same sizes as the supply lines, it was never a Vapor system.

Also, that boiler has no steam dome. I think it was hot-water from the beginning.

Time to replace it. Have a complete heat-loss calculation done on the house, and size the replacement from that. The old one was likely oversized, so they wouldn't have to shovel coal as much.

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  • D.Flagg
    D.Flagg Member Posts: 2
    capital winchester boiler

    looking for history on capital winchester boilers.i have a 100 year old house with an old steam boiler,and wanted to know some history on it.
  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
    Paging Glenn Stanton...

    Capital boilers and cast iron rads were either a joint venture of U.S Radiator foundry, or bought by U.S. Rad.

    Since Burnham now owns U.S., it is possible they acquired the legacy/antiquities stuff as well.

    Glenn Stanton might know; he is Burnham/U.S.'s guru d'jour.

    Perhaps Glenn will respond and provide whatever info available to him.

    We could also help a lot more if you could post some 600 pixel digitals of the boiler. I'd ove to see the near boiler piping, the burner mounting and the vent at the end of the main. You probably have the ultimate steam system: Vapor - originally coal fired.
  • Steamhead (in transit)

    the boiler line Burnham bought in 1971 or so was American-Standard.

    National Radiator and US Radiator combined in the late 1950s. Some time in the early 1960s this combine was bought by Crane, which later sold it to Slant/Fin.

    Several of us, including myself, have old Capitol boiler catalogs. If you post the model of yours and include some pics, we can look it up.

    If memory serves, the Winchester was a round "pancake" or "snowman" boiler. This type of boiler was not noted for its efficiency. A modern replacement steam boiler could cut your fuel consumption by as much as half.

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  • D.Flagg
    D.Flagg Member Posts: 2
    Pictures of Capital Winchester

    Capital Winchester Size 24 S/N 207725. Believed to have been a coal fired vapor system at first. Converted to gas and hot water gravity system. Then controls later added for pump control when pump was added. Still works as a gravity hot water to this day. Pictures included.
  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577
    To to think about updating

    I think that you want to consider updating that system.
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