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What can go wrong while we service your equipment

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
he charged people about 10 times more than the majority of contractors ,licensed to do the work.

simple solution really. weeds out anyone who would even consider wasting your life. i may "go there " some day....


  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    What can go wrong when we service your equipment? Lets List it !

    Sometime back in February or March there was a thread about checking T&P safety valves or Pressure safety valves. The direction it went is that the test should be done and that the cusomer should realize that this test may lead to the imediate replacement at their cost if the part were to fail the test.
    The thread then went on to maybe someone should compile a list of what can go wrong with the the customers heating system equipment while the correct and recommended maintenance proceedures and tests are performed.
    Did anyone ever write the list? Like testing an oil pump for pressure and finding it is only able to put out 98psi, although the system runs, it should be replaced.
    Its the customers equipment and even though it worked before we tested it, I do not agree with some customers that I touched it so I should repair it for nothing.
    Have not run into this YET but I am sure its coming.
    Lets compile a list here?
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Hi Jim

    A touchy subject, but I look at it this way,....If I test the relief valve and it does not re-seat, It is defective and needs to be replaced. Imagine a fire marshal going into a building and just looks to see that there are CO and smoke detectors,....Without the test, They cannot be sure if they are actually working. It is an operating/Safety test. If it fails, it fails. It's like removing the vent pipe on the 80% furnace at the flue and find that the masionary crumbles in right before your eyes. That's a safety problem and the customer should have the trust in you to do and reccomend the right thing. Please reffer to the following DOC...
  • Rocky_3
    Rocky_3 Member Posts: 232
    Weez...not 10 times, but close

    Hey, are you talking about me? I only charge 7 times more than anyone else, not 10 times. but you are right, it do help to weed out the "mouth-breathers" out there;-)

    Warm regards from chilly Fairbanks,
    Rocky's "why do you charge so much?" Heating
  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    I used to do it

    Verbally, when I came to the jobsite. If customer does not understand, or refuses to allow you to test such devices, show 'em the code, or mfr. install/testing instructions, then have them sign a liability waiver.
  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    But If you had a little booklet....

    Did you ever get you car inspected and find out its more than the $21 state fee? THe mechanic found this wrong and that wrong. Most people understand lights brakes etc.
    But when you tell them fill valves safety valves etc, MOST people feel your gold digging.
    Hey it worked before you got here. (I usually tell them, thank God I got here when I did.)
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