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buderus gb 142 wiring question

The GB142 domestic hot water sensor is a 10K Ohm thermistor, not an open/close signal. It is suggested to use the sensor include by Buderus or other 10K Ohm sensor. The Buderus sensor can be filed down using a flat file till it fits in most aqaustat wells.

The option presented by Dobber will work, but the tank temperature will not be controlled by the GB142. This is suggested as a last resort.


  • wethead in wi
    wethead in wi Member Posts: 10
    buderus gb142 wiring queestion

    I was wondering if anyone knows if u can wire a indirect tstat to the control panel where the indirect sensor is supposed to go? any help much appreciated
  • Dobber
    Dobber Member Posts: 91

    Yes you can but you need to tie the sensor in series with the aquastat.Then set the domestic water temp to 140.The sensor will read the room the boiler will think there is a call for heat while your aquastat will control the indirect temp.I'm assuming you want your indirect to go higher than 140.

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