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One pipe system

Dan C.
Dan C. Member Posts: 248
If it was sized properly then it was sized for a certain amount of radiation. If you turn off too many radiators then you would have an oversized boiler which would be less efficient and would also cayse some other problems too.

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  • Joan J. Smith_2
    Joan J. Smith_2 Member Posts: 1
    One pipe system

    Is it possible to turn off some radiators in some rooms we want to shut off this winter without effecting the efficiency of the boiler. This is a one pipe system, a large home - 5000 Sq. FT. The boiler is approx. 26 yrs old - Made by BFM - Electric Furnaceman, Emmaus, Pa.

    We heat with oil!!! I would appreciate any info, ASAP.

    Thank you,
    Joan J. Smith
  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
    To add to that

    Will isolating rooms possibly allow freezing of any pipes in the walls or in the spaces so isolated?

    Are the room so isolated that they will not impose a loss on neighboring rooms? On this last point, consider that an interior room has typically no insulation nor air barrier to adjacent rooms. Interior doors tend to fit poorly compared to exterior doors.

    A 10 foot by 10 foot section of uninsulated plaster partition will pass over 600 BTU's per hour if the isolated room is 20 degrees colder than the adjacent heated room. You may even be imposing a heating load on a space that never saw one.

    Agreed that shutting off radiators can be appealing but as stated can exacerbate any boiler over-sizing. If it already is over-sized, cycling detracts from efficiency to a measurable degree.

    A better bet might be the use of thermostatic radiator vent valves (TRV's) which can limit steam input based on actual space temperature and protect from freezing at the low end. Not needed on all radiators, just the ones in the spaces yo want cooler and in spaces which now tend to over-heat or see a lot of sun some days.
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    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • Ralph Blaine_2
    Ralph Blaine_2 Member Posts: 18

    I'm just a homeowner -not a heating pro. I live in a three story house with a one-pipe steam system (Canada). I have shut off all the rads in the third floor for several years now. Haven't had any problems but of course that doesn't means your system will react the same way. You can always try it.

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