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best choice

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
it really is difficult when there is not At Least a choice of boilers that small...Many homes here size for the hot water demand rather than the heat loss per se ...the pinner Instantaneous Hot water maker from TT the Smart III is something i am currently making an attempt to sell into a system for energy efficiency...

the choices are close to nill on the low side with oil. the Monitor condensing is while spendy ,A ? ,would be about the best dollar investment...as a boiler though it too is "over sized".

the other way is a monitor stove with maybe a high efficiency propane water maker...

with that size home though, i would say the very best investment would be insulation. one of my acquaintances from the community has an interesting wall system that he has developed and tested over the last 4 years ,....you may be able to reduce the heat loss significantly, i think he said he has some internet site ...i believe he is involved in a program that is slightly in advance of Leeds, or Energy star Rated....

here is a link i sorry that i didnt write the way to turn stuff blue when Dan posted it :( well, try this http://www.cchrc.org/Reports.

look for something called the REMOTE wall section...


  • heatguy
    heatguy Member Posts: 102
    best option

    what is best choice oil system mid efficency 644 sq ft house. vented to chimney,heat output through convectors. also whos indirect would you reccomend your input would be appreciated
  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
    The smallest

    oil-fired water boiler I can find fires about 0.60 GPH (Burnham V82) with a net output of 70 MBH. This is about three times what I would expect a house that size to need absent a northern Alaska location and poor insulation.

    There may be smaller ones out there, I would love to know. I do not pretend to know more than that.

    If you start with the smallest you can find, I think a SuperStor or Triangle-Tube Phase 3 may work well; there are others.

    Sticking with the heating side, I would install a 4-way mixing valve or other primary/secondary means. This will "sip" hot water from your boiler (reasonably high mass) to keep your cycling to a minimum. Use good outdoor reset controls to tailor output to your load. You will have on-off operation, you know that.

    If an open plan, are Monitor through-wall console heater units a possibility? (EDIT: Not their FCX condensing oil boiler although that is efficient, it is also about 0.85 GPH, even larger than what you need.) The console heaters are available for light distillate fuel and kerosene. Of course that leaves you with the domestic HW issue.
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