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Cracked rad & stuck fittings

J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
Pressure test it and see if it holds.

New radiators aren't at all hard to come by...unless you're trying to match exactly the radiators in the house.

Burnham still makes radiators, and they even make some "Column Type" too. These can be set up for any way they need to be piped...steam and H.W., one pipe or two....same side feed and return etc.

Any Burnham dealer will have the catalog and be able to find what you need. Good luck, but PLEASE don't give up.Chris


  • Watched Pot
    Watched Pot Member Posts: 4

    I am adding a radiator to my 2-pipe Dunham Vapor system (actually, replacing baseboard heaters w/ a rad). Finding 2-pipe steam radiators isn't so easy where I live (upstate NY), so I had to get one that was used for forced hot water.

    I just cleaned it up, and got a light coat of white paint on the sides of it (leaving fittings unpainted for later removal). Now I can see that there is a crack in this rad at the far side that runs across two columns.

    Q: Can this crack be mended? (This system will run steam.)

    Also, I don't know how to get these fittings and bushings off of this thing - they are all NPT and are wedged in there really tight. Right now, the top two ports are capped, while the bottom two have bushings and messed-up 3/4" fittings. What I really need to do is remove one of the top caps, and replace with a new 3/4" fitting for the steam valve. Then I need to remove both bottom fittings (bushings and all, preferably), cap one off with the cap I pull from the top, and fit the other one for a 1/2" steam trap for the return.

    Q: what kind of wrench/force is advisable to loosen these caps and bushings? Heat w/ torch? Any tricks?

  • Watched Pot
    Watched Pot Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I'd really like to get this one going since it is the right size and form factor for the location.

    What is a good way to pressure test the thing?

  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Air !

    It's what SHOULD be getting out of the radiator..and if it leaks at anything lower than 3 psi...It ain't gonna work.Plug the vent, or return and air test.

    As to getting the old fittings out...You already saw the crack, you believe...so try some big ole pipe wrenches till you can get the necessary fittings in place to do an air test. Heat helps..but BIG pipe wrenches work faster. I've got a 3 footer that hasn't been stopped yet...but I also know that I will have to replace the whole valve or return union.

    Schrader valves..(tire type) are available at any supply house, then get the needed bushings to thread them into.

    I would test at 10 psi...just my thought...and see if they hold pressure.

    Never give up! If it looks right...it belongs there. If it HAS to look a bit different, no big deal. Make the room look different...and the radiator WILL fit! Chris
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