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Please pause and think of the those who have done so much and their loved ones. While all of us seek peace we all know that we are not quite there yet. There is indeed a great deal of turmoil in this world and more often then not it is America that ends up paying the price. This Veterans Day is no different than others in the sense that I truly appreciate all that we have thanks to those who have served, do serve and will serve! Freedom is not free and thank God for those who are willing to defend us!

The difference this year is the reality of losing someone close to our family. I cannot imagine the day my friend Ken and his wife Linda are having. The best I can do is support them and all who have lost a loved one to war!

Please take time to thank a VET, thank those who are protecting us in hostile conditions and their loved ones who support and love them!

A recent read : A Thousand Splendid Suns" should be mandatory reading for all high school seniors and anyone who questions the fanatical extremists we are up against.
I will leave it at that, this is not a political statement. It is a tribute to brave men and women.

Rich K.

Make Peace Our Passion while Supporting our Troops!


  • thanking vets

    Thanks rich for reminding me to thank my dad today ,i'm not into politics and not one to say what wars right and what wars wrong but one thing for sure is that you must support your team for that's why we live in one of the worlds free countries where one can grow up and be what ever there minds and hearts allow them to do ,i guess it's the small things that we all forget about during each busy day of how much we have in this country to be thankful for and to never forget those who have sacrificed there lives for the life and comfort s that we all enjoy ,so instead for complaining and saying the war is wrong just remenber and think of what may have been had this country backed out of ww 1 and 2 ,and fast forward to today ,not that any war for morales ,money religion or waht ever is right or wrong you have to support your team conntry and of course all those who keep the united states the worlds country with the highest standard of living and the place where each day hundreads would risk there lives to achive there dreams as so may have for years in closing i would like to thanks all the vets who post and are regulars thanks for keep the us the us peace and good luck clammy

  • So many through the years have lost their lives to protect me and my family.
    I think of their families and what they have gone through to deal with their loss. I ask God's blessing on all of them. How little we do to support and share their loss.
    Its scary when you think of people's willingness to follow a leader even when he leads them to destruction [Hitler, Stalin and our current list of evil leaders in the mideast].
    Pray that you will never make that mistake.
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    this video says it all

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