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heat sensors instead of thermostats

tim smith
tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
We do alot of single zone old 20-50 unit apts bldgs, we have been putting in Honeywell TH8110U1003 stat with indoor remote sensors, we also use the White rodgers equivelant. Usually the wire to old stat location will work for sensor and we wire up keypad in boiler room. This helps alot, as tenant laws require 48 hr notice to get to stat, a real pain. With control in boiler room we can or mgr can adjust whenever. This works ok short of the more ideal way of thermostatic valves, constant circulation and reset. .03 worth this time, Tim


  • fatty
    fatty Member Posts: 46
    heat sensors instead of thermostats

    i got some pretty good advice on here when i posed a question about what kind of thermostats would be tenant proof.

    the suggestion was to use heat sensors, which i've never had my hands on, instead of stats. i looked at tekmar's stuff, but i didn't quite understand it.

    it doesn't seem like you could wire one of these directly to a zone relay like a regular thermostat - say a taco 4 zone with no priority - for example.

    whats the deal with these things?
  • fatty

    You could put Tekmar stats in the boiler room(one for each unit), then within each unit have a remote sensor to tell the stat when the temp you dialed-in has been reached. These stats would activate/deactivate each corresponding relay in the 504, tenant sees nothing, and you have complete control over the units temp.

  • By all means...

    leave the old thermostats on the wall so the tenants have something to look at and play with... Even though they are not connected, there is a placebo effect in turning it up and down...

    We used to call them "secretrary stats" :-)


  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    My local supplier sells the pre-set 68 degree sensors. Ill check monday and see if I cant get you a manufacturer to contact for them.

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  • mark schofield
    mark schofield Member Posts: 153
    do not touch

    awesome idea. putting a don't touch sign over the "secretary stat" would make them work even better.
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    The Honeywell

    tstats Series 8000 and 5000 come with optional remote sensor. You could put the controls in the basement and the sensor on the wall in the apartment. I did this at my church where there are many opinions as to the temperature setting, and many activists that aren't shy to change the setting to their liking. BTW, I did leave the old tstat for the activists to play with. :) WW

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  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,790
    The Uponor stats

    allow you to set both a not to exceed number and a low point setting.

    I like them for garages as they go down to 40.

    For SOME homeowners I set the high limit to 72.

    A small hidden button on the backside of the stat allows access to this feature. they can push buttons all day long but the stata stops at the pre-programed settings.

    Actually any setpoint control could be remote mounted and just the sensor installed on the wall.

    I also use that small tekmar, or the same stat with the Uponor name on it stat with a remote sensor on contemporary homes. I mount the stat in a cupboard or closet nearby and use that small stainless sensor hidden in the sheetrock as the sensor. tekmar also has a small button type sensor. A bit more money than the wall stat abpve, but it has some nice features.

    It does overload some home owners user friendly ability, however.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
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  • White Rogers

    I like the 195 F series remote thermostat with remote sensor. You put the thermostat in the basement and the sensor in the room. If you get a complaint you can adjust it in private.

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