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Burnham V84 and Contender indirect ( Ron Jr.)

Very nice job Ron!
Amazing what a few years of neglect will do to a boiler.
The only question I have for you is why did you run the feeder into the return piping rather than at the expansion tank?
The only other thing I see that I would have done differently is I would have put a thermal switch on that 4" box on the ceiling. Not required in NY, but, IMO cheap insurance!



  • This install was in Mount Sinai , NY

    A good 50 miles from the shop . Although you might see some of our service tags , they haven't been an account of ours for a few years . Looks like they went COD for those few years . A not so old Utica boiler and Bock heater , both were ripped out .
  • Very nice working conditions

    We had Bilco doors into a wide open basement . The system was in a smallish room , but we had space a plenty .
  • sweet and clean

    Vast improvemnt i would say the boiler looked like it has been lacking some attention the past few years ,nice clean job as always plumb and level ,it had to be nice to have all that room down there ,as always ron nice job always good to see your stuff peace and good luck clammy
  • Scott Kneeland
    Scott Kneeland Member Posts: 158
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    talk about a....

    unit ridden hard and put away wet....nasty! Very nice improvement!. kpc

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  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Just curious what you did after lunch? I'll bet the homeowner will be happy to go back to a company that offer's awsome service now!!....Keep up the excellent work.
  • mike@BORO
    mike@BORO Member Posts: 30
    thats not your install

    didnt recognize the job without the closet door. nice to catch a break once in a while,put away the shoehorn ......ye haa....
  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,541
    As usual!

    another of Ron's excellent installs.Too bad the salesman didn't do his job as well as Ron did his.A single pass boiler?Oversized? L4081B?With different equipment or at the least properly sized or a different control strategy this could have been a much more efficient setup.

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  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    wow Ron

    A Stand up job, what a change :)

    AS always Ron nice work.


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  • Actually , Robert

    Good points you bring up . The homeowner told our salesman he was going to upgrade the control system in the near future to some brand of outdoor reset . It'll be maintaining 160 degrees till that time ( we showed the homeowner how to increase the boiler temp if it gets real cold out ) . The decision to use the dual aquastat was mine , due to line voltage t-stat issues .

    The 3 section might've been marginal for this home . I'm guessing over 3000 sq ft including the semi-finished basement .

    Thanks Robert .
  • This system was a mess

    I was ready to go a few rounds with the fluepipe alone , it was so hard to disconnect around all the sloppy piping . We left plenty of room on the right side to get to the chimney and cleanout plates on the boiler .

    Thanks alot guys .
  • I've found the trick

    to getting a good servicing is making the system easy to service to begin with . We walk in on systems that have pipes across the back of and on top of fluepipe . To get it apart you have to be part magician , part raging bull .

    It is nice to get a job like this once in a while . On paper , we thought we were screwed . Typical Friday monster job . But this went smooth as silk .

    Thanks lchmb and Mike .
  • Scott and Scott

    We pipe the feed into the return to purge the system with hot water . Which cleans the system of pipe dope and sediment and helps us know the zones are fully purged . And also we've been having trouble on those jobs we pipe the PRV directly into the air eliminator . When we use the fast fill the air eliminator will shoot out a good stream of water . It ain't no big deal , just shut the cap till we're done . But I'm not sure if it does any internal damage .

    Thermal switches are not required , and to be honest , I've never seen one installed into a boiler's wiring in my 21 years in the business . We often see a thermal switch connected to the home's security system . A firomatic valve is required on the oil line .

    Thanks guys , I really appreciate the kind words .
  • Tony_25
    Tony_25 Member Posts: 26
    Nice Job

    Ron, Thank God, Big Blue & Green have excellent installers like you that do first class work.
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Nic Job Ron

    The equipment you replaced doesn't look that old but it sure was neglected either by the owner or servicing tech. I sure hope they take better care of the new equipment given the work you guys put into it.

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