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Radiant Floor manifold placement!

Arrived at a new customer with 2 year old radiant floor install.First thing I saw in the basement was all 4 manifolds are below the tubing. Air elimination is done by purging and boiler is piped with a 1 1/4" spirovent. House is well supply with a variable speed submersible pump. It is impossible to get all the air out with the manifold and its placement. The house is 16,500 sq. ft. but not total radiant. I need help in documentation and try to explain for relocating, after the man just spent $5M in construction. Thank You


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,158
    Manifold location

    should not be an issue. It sounds like the system does not have a good way to isolate zones to power purge. I suspect a lot of tube and volume in a system that size. I doubt you could purge all the lines at once with a 1/2" feed at 12 psi setting.

    Once you get flow in all the loops the air purger will handle the small details. It may take hours or a day to get all the small bubbles out IF you have flow in every loop and zone.

    I like to valve every manifold and install a full port purge valve like the Webstone. It can be done at the boiler room often if all the manifolds are piped to that room. It takes a bit of time to purge a large radiant system, even with correctly placed purge points.

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  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170

    You should be able to purge the air out of each loop using the manifolds shut off valves ....What problem have you found ?
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