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One month after install: still getting gray matter

Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
If you wait, it might be for years!

If it is pipe dope, and I suspect it is - which is why I stopped using paste dopes on steam boilers 20 years ago - you want to attempt the TSP cleaning you've see posted here a million times. 1-cup of TSP/100,000 BTU's of input, put directly into the boiler block, heated (but NOT boiled) to a high temp, drained, rinsed and fresh water added to the NOWL.

This will NOT stop the drooling of dope back into the steam system low points, but it will prevent the sludge from forming a peanut butter-like consistency - which will leach oils and bad stuff from the dope indefinitely. But it will cause the water to become alkaline, which is protective.

The faster you can clean what it is out, the less likely it will solidify in places that are potentially bad for system operation.

You may have to do it two or three times. I would do it weekly, or every two weeks - until it becomes a trace or less on the "grey scale."

BTW, you should not have to add water at this time of year more than once a month. In the dead of winter, more than once every two weeks. If you do have to add more than that, the dope may be a factor, but system leaks are present and must be fixed before going further.

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  • jeff_99
    jeff_99 Member Posts: 27
    still getting gray matter

    Had a steam boiler install about a month ago and I drain about a quart of thick dark gray matter, probably pipe dope, at the end of each day. Should I wait till the water runs cleaner before I have the boiler cleaned? I would think so since there is still quite a bit of gunk thats still comin out. Thanks guys.
  • jeff_99
    jeff_99 Member Posts: 27
    dont think its pipe done now

    Actually, I looked again and it looks like he used teflon tape on the pipes. they're cleaning the boiler (new install)
    in about three weeks. The company said the unit is just dislodging old matter from the pipes and its draining down. I dont think so, because i never saw this color or consistency before. thick gray sludge.
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