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Steam Radiator Question

Brad White
Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
Great that the radiator gets hotter (probably quicker than the others is also what you mean) to a point. Perhaps the vent size/rate on that radiator is too high and/or the vents on the other radiators are too low, or even more likely, you have non-existent or inadequate main vents.

The idea is that all radiators should get warm/hot at about the same time. (Your system works on one pressure most likely and has no idea what one end of the house is doing versus another...)

Now, the hand valves- you have two operating modes. Fully open or fully closed. No in-between. The stem packing is not made for that duty and the valve seals fully open and fully closed. It is not a throttling device.

That you are placing the valve position somewhere in-between might be contributing to the leakage especially if at the stem gland (the top nut from which the handle protrudes). You could obtain some graphite valve stem packing cord from a heating supply house and if they cater to the DIY market can show you how to re-pack it. You can try tightening the gland nut as a temporary measure. Hard to tell without seeing it.

My second suggestion, that is, after you check our the venting situation at all points, is to get a thermostatic radiator vent valve such as a Macon OPSK or a Danfoss. This can go on any radiator prone to over-heating (sized too large for it's room heat loss) which may be another condition you have.
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  • Fenny
    Fenny Member Posts: 2

    I have a 2 pipe oil fired steam system. The farthest rad on the second floor gets so much hotter than the rest of the rads in the house. This rad also happens to leak slighyly from the valve. Could this be contributing to the excess heat? I have closed the valve to compensate, but even half way shut, it is so much hotter than my other rads in the house who's valves are wide open?
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