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Hartford Loop Location

Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
having the copper pipes replaced. As long as they are properly sized, or oversized, leave that sleeping dog alone.

Since W/M does NOT state using steel pipe as an installation requirement, I'd fawgettabowdit - for now.

I doubt you could legally force the conversion of copper to steel anyhow. You COULD however legally make the contractor refit the hartford loop - because it clearly is stated as an installation requirement - but, as SteamHead writes, that is not all hat big a deal - especially since it ain't bangin'.

Once the colder weather gets worse, you may want to do a TSP cleanout and re-skim.

As we all know: You can never be too thin, too rich or skim & clean steam boilers too much...

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  • Steve_166
    Steve_166 Member Posts: 9
    Hartford Loop Location

    I purchased a Weil McLain EG35 steam boiler for my Mom, and she qualified for a program where the State of NH would pay a heating company to put it in for her at no charge (which I didn't complain about).
    I used to work for this company many moons ago, and it has a good reputation concerning it's boiler work. The owner was an old union plumber, and his son has recently taken over.
    After the job was complete, my Mom asked me to take a look at it (of course) because she said, "It doesn't seem to get the radiators as hot as the old boiler".
    I go down the basement with Mom in tow, and the first thing I notice is that the whole thing is piped up in copper. I kept my disappointment to myself (the old man would of never allowed that when he ran the show).
    I also notice that the sight glass is about 3/4 full and filthy as a dog! I asked my Mom if they dumped any buckets of water down her mop sink and she said yes, one. I spent the next few hours skimming it properly, drained it down to allow the automatic fill I purchased for her to kick on & shut off. Then I allowed it to run for an hour, so I could see the 'normal operating water level'. It was almost exactly what Weil McLain says in it's specs (23 13/16" up from the bottom - no where near the height it was before).
    That's when I notice the height of the hartford loop. The bottom of the copper street elbow is 1/8" ABOVE the water level! I know the top of the close nipple (or street elbow in this case) should be 2" BELOW the water line. I also know that this piping Boo-Boo supposed to make water hammer at the tail end of the cycle, but that's not happening (yet anyways).
    I know the problem with the radiators was due to an improperly skimmed boiler. It's heating up fine now.
    My question is, should I lower that hartford if it's not causing a problem. Or my real question is, is this such a big deal, that it's worth calling a fellow plumber and risk looking like a "know-it-all" and ask them to repipe the hartford loop (it's copper - it won't take very long)?
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    If it's not banging

    I'd concentrate on the copper steam pipes. Have those replaced.

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  • John Starcher_4
    John Starcher_4 Member Posts: 794
    I dunno, Ken.....

    ...I've been told many times that I'm too thin. That is, until one of my "huskier" employees calls me because he can't squeeze through the crawlspace opening :-)
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