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Oil Tank Shut Off Valve

mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
If you do not have any problems with goop in the lines, and you keep your tank full, then there should not be any problems. I have never seen onre of these safety valves before, was not a code req. here in Va.


  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6
    Oil Tank Shut Off Valve

    I am going to replace oil filter for my hydronic heating system, so I need to shut off oil lines before. Unexpectedly I could not manage with valves provided. If I turn them clockwise I unscrew valve head (left thread). If I try to turn them counterclockwise, they go to the "dead stop".
    Can somebody explain me how to operate with that miracle?
  • bruce_21
    bruce_21 Member Posts: 241

    The valve is supposed to be spring loaded and close by itself. The handle is supposed to melt in a fire and shut-off the oil. I've rarely seen one except when brand new that would close when the handle is taken off. I always have to help them with a tap on the stem. Maybe the heat of a fire will make them operate more smoothly.

    Why are these things so hard to operate?

    Why don't people install ball valves in addition to the oil safety valve?

    How much oil is in the tank? It might ALL get on your floor if you break the thing.
  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    To be honest

    That tank looks kinda old and nasty...thought about replacing it?
  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    Oil Valve

    The Oil valve in your pictures is operating correctly. Again somethings should be left for those that are trained. Righty tighty - lefty loosy does not apply here!
    The idea of the left handed threads is to keep someone from replacing the safety valve handle with anything else.
    In the big city here in my area, the fire department will take the valve handle with them if they are called to a house for a burner malfunction. This requires someone of proper knowledge to put the system back in operation.
    Besides the firematic safety, this firedepartment action forces the homeownar to get the system repaired and hopefully by a qualified technician
  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks bruce, you open my eyes. I could not get the valves purpuse is fire safety only. Now I realize it is too risky to shut it off using safety valves. Currently both oil tanks are full. I will wait until they get emty and install ball valves. I saw such installation (safety and ball valves) on my neighbor heating system.
  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6

    I can not agree with you. Let's call trained people to shut off water main and electricity circuit breaker due to emergency...
    I am certain any fuel tank should be equipped by manually operated shut of valve.
  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6

    Hi mtfallsmikey, I guess they are 18-19 year old, look pretty good, not rusty. How long they can work in dry basement environment?
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    This is a SAFETY device,

    And should be where it is!!

    To place a valve after it, would (possibly) let the person changing the filter NOT EXERCISE this valve....which should be done periodically!

    Like someone else said, a LIGHT tap on the head of the wheel should seat the valve, done in the "stem in" position". Then, while it's closed, thread the wheel on a couple threads,pull it up and work it until the spring pulls the stem shut.It may take a few tries but usually works wonders.

    23 years, and the only failures of these valves I've seen were when someone broke them off in the tank tapping. Of course, here in Ma., they are code and are everywhere.(Burners, tanks and anywhere deemed necessary in between that the F.D. wants to see them) Chris
  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Chris, you give me hope. I paid my attention that you emphasized word LIGHT before tap on the head. I will be very careful.
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    ok u have a fire and how hot does the temp get when they close?? i hate em if u got a fire and its a big one y would that stupid valve help outlaw the stupid things royboy
  • Bruce Stevens
    Bruce Stevens Member Posts: 133
    I believe

    165 degrees F
  • realolman
    realolman Member Posts: 513
    I would like to compliment you

    on your pictures. Excellent quality... what'd you take them with?

    Are there two tanks there, and only one with the valve?
  • Mike S._2
    Mike S._2 Member Posts: 6
    what'd you take them with?

    Thanks for compliment. It is Canon Powershot S2 IS.
    There are two tanks, each of them has its own safety valve.
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