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Watch for this!

Mars_3 Member Posts: 65
Dave please e mail me at matt@e-homecomfort.com thank's


  • As I got one!

    Changed the HX,,then the "lock-out" probs begin. Get told from TT it is a water or moisture prob,,I wonder where they SHOULD BE installed??

  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291

    Let me get this straight.........

    You changed the HX.............Why?

    After you changed the HX the boiler locks out?

    On what fault code?

    Are you saying the new HX leaks around the condensate drain?

  • Yep,

    fault code E05, you figure it out!
    Why?, didn`t you see the pic?, it is warranty.(Brand New)
    How can replacing a HX (in new equipment) cause this?
    Get-it straight now?
    But it did.
    We`ll see how enthusiastic you are Steve when you get one!

  • Mars_3
    Mars_3 Member Posts: 65
    Leak at HX

    Dave is this HX from a Prestige 250. If so why did the old HX have to be replaced. Ive just started using this boiler and this is very disconcerting to hear about. As much information as you are comfortable with sharing here would be helpfull. Thank's
  • Mars

    Yes, this is from a TT Prestige 250,, but I would really rather talk by Email.
    Too much "public bashing" is not my style.

  • Ya Matt,

    like I have time,,looking for 250 info? , I don`t follow probs, they seem to follow me!(my Email is right here)

  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Sorry for being so dense,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Assuming the HX in the picture is the original here.

    I can't see from the picture what exactly failed. (old eyes?) Sooooooo......... what was the problem with the HX?

    The E05 code appeared after you replaced the HX?
  • Steve,

    you are most certainly NOT DENSE, respect for you is IMMENSE!!
    The HX is original,,only a factory defect,,easily changed(as I did), then the error codes started showing-up.
    Blackwood NJ. told me I may have "dripped water" on the display board in my "wrestleing around" to do the changeover, can`t see-it, but it is possible.

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