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burnham9424 with iron fireman burner

I have a school with this boilier & a ga9.8 iron fireman burner. the CO is extreme 2000ppm. i set static to mfg spec and input to spec. combustion was good (4-6 O2) with extreme CO. impingement is evedent from erratic flame. the ring at the end changes patteran but with poor results. if i put it all the way forward good O2 high CO and erratic flame. if i pull the ring back O2 falls (1.9 O2)& flame "looks" great. if i add air or take away Nat gas, burner "woofs" and flames out. Burnham says they havent tested this burner combo. Iron fireman says "sold lots of burners for that boilier. yet they have no field tech suport. i don't think they match. i know it didn't work in a steam application. i would love to replace with powerflame, but for the district, i would like to make it work. has ANYONE worked with this combo? yea or nea.


  • Can you post

    the rest of the test results? That O2 figure looks kind of low. I just set up a much smaller Carlin power gas burner where the CO2 ended up at 9%, which would translate to an O2 of 5% or so. We have some PowerFlames that do almost as well.

    Go back to the beginning, if you haven't already- recheck to see that your manifold pressure, orifice size etc. are within spec. If that doesn't help, pull the burner to see if the head is damaged.

    Remember that CO is not only toxic, but wastes energy as well because of incomplete combustion. That alone would justify replacing the burner if you can't get the Iron Fireman to run properly.

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  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752

    Your #s you wrote down for CO2 vs O2 do not compute with relationship of O2 vs CO2. Just a note, Tim, if you had 9% O2 your CO2 would be much lower
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    Combustion readings

    Have you clocked your meter to see what input you have, maybe your input if off. Also What is your stack temp. Just some things to look at. Some burner set ups are really tough to dial in. Sounds like you might be able to adjust your diffuser setting then adjust your gas/air mix to maybe dial in. Good luck, Tim
  • Oops- typed in the wrong number

    it's fixed now. Thanks.

    On that Carlin, if the excess air was set below 23%, it would make CO. This would translate to a CO2 of 10% and O2 of 4.5% or so. It cleaned up at 25% excess air, 9.5% CO2, 5% O2. I gave it some headroom, 29% EA, 9% CO2, 5.5% O2. CO air-free ended up at 7 PPM. CO2/O2 translations herein come from Tim McElwain's chart, I don't have the test printout with me at the moment.

    One important difference here is that this burner was supplied by the boiler manufacturer. So the factory tested and certified it. If you have to replace the Iron Fireman, get the replacement from Burnham if you can.

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