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Getting wrapped around the axle

Hey Guys,

I've been doing a electric heat conversion on a house with no chimney (as expected) so a Power Venter was needed. So all the crap just about done. Wiring up the logomatic 2107 and now I'm stumped. The P.V. needs constant power and that's fine but how do I provide power shut off or on with the 2107 control. I don't see any tappings on the schematic for interupted power source. I'm tired and I'm probably missing something here. I could just put an external switch on the boiler but I'm wondering if there is another way. I don't want the outdoor reset function to control the L1 to the P.V. or I could get a backup condition if the outdoor reset kicks out when the boiler had just been running. Thanks in advance for any insight.



  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    power up of power venter w/ reset control

    I would think the best way to approach this is to take the THS circuit to ignition module and power the relay for the power venter. Then run the ths wire through proving switch and back to the ignition module THS terminal wire through the proving switch of power venter then back to the THS terminal on ignition module. This would allow to energize power venter then prove air flow and energize ignition module. PS they may not use THS terminal on module, instead they may just use 24v term. & 24v ground term. Then use the 24v terminal to do same. Tim. Make sure you do full safety control testing upon completion for flame safety and temp safety controls.
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