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Heil Gas Furnace

Chaz_5 Member Posts: 1
I tried matching the .5 volt setting on the gas valve to the thermostat and that didn't work. I hooked the red and white thermostat wires together and the furnace kept the burner going the whole time i had it hooked together.

I'm going to lowes to get a new thermostat.

Thank both so much for your response and help to my opertunity.

I always say I don't have problems I have opertunities to learn and gain knowledge. This is a fine example!!

Thaks again!



  • Chaz_4
    Chaz_4 Member Posts: 1
    Heil Gas Furnace

    I moved into a house with an older Heil Gas Furnace. The model is NUGG125DH02. It has a standing pilot. It's on all the time.

    When the thermostat calls for heat, the exhaust blower comes on, then the gas valve opens, the burners light, (quite well now that I have cleaned the whole burner area out) it stays on for about 90 seconds and goes out. It finaly get the fan thermostat hot and the blower comes on untill it hits the low limit and goes off. Then the whole process starts over. Any Ideas what shutting off the burner?? I don't see a flame detector except on the pilot.

    Please Help!!
  • Tony Furst
    Tony Furst Member Posts: 12

    Start by checking the heat anticipator setting on your thermostat. Most gas furnace manufacturers have a current draw stamped on their gas vlave or listed in the manual for the furnace. The heat anticipator setting of the thermostat must match this number to get the right cycle time.

  • martin
    martin Member Posts: 144
    Heat Anticipator

    I agree if your running an old honeywell T87 which is a very common therm on old systems. Un hook the therm wires from stat and short together if furnace keeps running its therm replace it.Oh the red and white wires should be for heating if you have AC.
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