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Camus Dynaflame

GlenGlen Member Posts: 855
small footprint with excellent efficiencies, & clear commissioning instructions. I commissioned two at the local university - dialed in perfectly for high altitude, bang on requested specs. Certainly a candidate for those small space installations - or where the building engineer wants to recover some boiler room floor space.


  • JBWJBW Member Posts: 67
    Camus Dynaflame

    Hey all,

    Please give a critique of the Camus Dynaflame boiler.

    I am not the biggest Camus fan, as I have had many issues with the Micoflame this past heating season.


    Josh W
  • JBWJBW Member Posts: 67
    camus dynaflame

    does anyone have any experience with this boiler? its made in ontario, canada
  • KeithKeith Member Posts: 399

    We have installed 4 of them on 2 seperate projects for domestic hot water. So far so good.

    The 1st 2 were installed 3 years ago and the 2nd pair were installed 2 years ago.

    The 1st job the units were specified by the engineer. I selected them for the 2nd job because of the minimal footprint requirements. We stacked them on the platform supplied by Camus. Start up was pretty straight forward.

    I would use them again if the situation presents itself.

    I have been trying to get a panel replaced for over a year that was crunched in shipping. My guess is it's the local rep who is the problem not the manufactorur.



  • JBWJBW Member Posts: 67

    Hey Keith,

    Thanks for the response. Does your company do installs only or service, too?
    Where was your install?
  • JBWJBW Member Posts: 67

    Do you solely do installs or do you provide service, as well.

  • GlenGlen Member Posts: 855
    we are -

    a commercial/industrial service company specializing in boiler service. We contract gas services to installing contractors and several boiler manufacturers - most often securing the annual maintenance and combustion testing. Only a very small (but highly rewarding) portion of our work is residential hydronic/controls/install.
  • JBWJBW Member Posts: 67

    Good to know. Im getting some more confidence in the Camus Brand. We had some very serious issues with a Camus Micoflame that was used for domestic hot water.
    The problem was that the original installer undersized the boiler and storage and the thing was cycling like crazy. We must have burnt out 6 pilot assemblies, before we convinced the client that we needed to add 200 galsof storage. The pilot assemblies (the thing looked like a 'u' with about 10 small holes pierced in it, with spark and flame rod) literally were exploding. The'u' component would burst from overheating and would then no longer ignite.

    This was happening about every 6 weeks (max). We tried to make adjustments to the air/gas ratio but to no avail. Anyway, we added 200 gals storage and have not had to change the pilot assembly since.

    During the time that we had to change the pilot assembly, the recommended distance between the sparker and flame rod had changed at least twice, and so had the design of the pilot assembly as a whole.

    A lot of the guys in Montreal were having problems with the Camus Micoflame this past winter.


    Josh W
  • KeithKeith Member Posts: 399

    We do both in Connecticut and New York
  • underwhelmedunderwhelmed Member Posts: 1
    Not a good experience

    I bought three Camus Dynaflame boilers. They were nothing but trouble.

    Two Armstrong pumps had to be replaced after two years. The ignitors and sensors had to be replaced several times on each boiler. Annual maintenance is about $1000 each.

    In other words you wind up spending on maintenance and repairs most of what you save on gas and your boilers stop working several times a year.
  • jigjig Member Posts: 2
    Camus Lemons

    bought three Camus boilers about three years ago. Anything you save on gas will be eaten up by service calls. If you own one, either buy something else or get an all-inclusive service contract. The ignitors and sensors need to be changed every 3 months. They need cleaning twice a year. That should make you wonder just how efficient they really are.

    All three have needed replacement pumps. There were others issues. Customer service at Camus consisted of threatening to sue me if I told anyone else how awful their boilers were.
  • peterdrummpeterdrumm Member Posts: 1
    hi I am recently working on a camus dynaflame and unit was running then just cut out on ilk67 upon start up I noticed the combustion motor wasn't starting up as it usualy does and ramps up, I'm sure that is causing that alarm but don't know why it is not starting also doing the exact same thing on boiler next to it, can anyone help me, thanks
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