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Space blankets

realolman Member Posts: 513
on the insulating qualities of "Space blankets"?

Or another thing just popped to mind... insulating paint?


  • Glenn Sossin_2
    Glenn Sossin_2 Member Posts: 592
    Insulating Paint

    This is a very interesting idea. I think there is some misleading information going on with these products, similar to the foil equivalent R-Values scenario.

    Check out this site first

    Heres a very interesting clip -

    "The REFLECTION of the heat is not used to calculate a R value as defined by the United States Department of Commerce. The reflection of heat has nothing to do with the real insulation (R) value. An example of reflection, if you paint a house in the hot desert with a thin layer of white paint it will reflect the heat from the direct sun by reflecting the suns energy but that thin layer of paint will not insulate the house from the cold at night. If you expect to paint your building with a thin coat of insulating paint and cut your heating bill in the winter you will be very surprised if your bill remains roughly the same. In the summer it will reflect some of the direct suns rays away from the building making it easier to cool but other white paints will also do this."

    With this in mind, check out these sites.




    I've been considering trying this on the ceiling in one bedroom upstairs and see if I can detect any difference in temperature during the cooling season. How much could I lose? If I paint my ceiling, theoretically, it would reflect the radiant heat component back into the room in the winter??

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