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F09 any updated info?

Dof3 Member Posts: 120
Hi Chuck
Is it true that the new 925 controls are going to sense the flame at the flame rectifier and the spark electrode before it goes to F09.


  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577
    F09 any new info?

    Hey guys,
    I know that this is a common place error code for munchkins. I've read the archived material that everyone has logged. I have had a chance to check out the problem yet first hand. I was talking to guy at a wedding reception last night & he was asking me about it. I let you know when I have more information. This is on a Peerless Pinnacle 140m on LP. Thanks for any insight!
  • Chuck Shaw_12
    Chuck Shaw_12 Member Posts: 4

    First, you have to figure out what is causing the boiler to go out on the fault code.

    1) No Spark (but gas is present)

    2) Spark, but no gas or flame

    3) Spark, gas lights but it does not stay on and see the flame.

    Could be any one of those, then you have to find out why it is doing it.

    If it is not getting spark, it could be a condensate back up that is causing the flame rectifier to ground out to the face plate. What is the incoming gas pressure, what is the drop. What is the size of the regulator. If it in not at least equal to the capacity of the boiler, it could be a problem. The gas pipe must be at least 3/4" ID (3/4" CSST is not full 3/4" ID, CSST may also whistle). The pressure charts don't matter, because this valve works on vacuum. Is the vent plugged, if it can push out, it cant pull in gas/air mixture (remember vacuum). What is the flame rectification current when it is running. It should be between 3.8-4.2 when running in high fire. 3.2-3.5 in low fire, drop out is 0.5. You can check this at d6 in the status menu, it doesn't really matter what you test equipment reads, because it feeds back to the circuit board. That is what matters, the number that the board sees. What are your combustion numbers? We need to see CO and CO2. What type of gas valve is it (not the name on the plug, the brand of gas valve).

    For a better answer you definitely need to supply more information, you can call 610-369-3208 for all Peerless Technical Service.

    I hope this helps,

    Chuck Shaw

    Eastern Regional Tech and Training Manager

    Heat Transfer Products

    East Freetown, MA
  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577

    Hi Chuck,
    The owner told me that it's intermittent.He said he has cleaned the ignition assembly & it will run fine for a few weeks & then go back to the same error code. I did the start up on the boiler. I used my Bacharach 125 combustion analyzer.I wrote down all the logistics on the start up sheets. I can't remember off hand, but At start-up they were right were they should be, according to the installation manual.I do remember that it was piped 3/4" Black Iron to the boiler. I do remember that the pressure of the LP was within the parameters (12.5" w.c) for the incoming gas pressure. I will let you know what I find out, when I have more information. Thanks in advance for the info! P.S. Note from above post I should have said that I haven't had a chance to take a look at the boiler first hand, at least not yet.
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