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JOT replacement in the kitchen ( Ron Jr. )

Darin Cook_5
Darin Cook_5 Member Posts: 298
Lets make plans for you to come upstate. I will give you a wide open basement or garage and a blank 4' X 8' sheet of white tile board and let you go crazy with a pump panel. You are the king of cramped quarters! Great work, as always Ron.


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  • This was in Wantagh , NY

    The customer is the original owner of this Levitt home , built in early 50s . The JOT replaced a Low York in the early 80s .

    The floor radiant was still connected , but no bypass piping was used . They musta been hopping around the house if they were walking barefoot . I'm suprised the high temp water didn't cause any leaks for all these years .
  • Peerless for a Peerless

    This WBV3 is sized alot better for the home . 3 zones , 2 circs were at the boiler . Makes it kinda tough to squeeze in everything . Which is why you see the circ housings facing down . The boiler cover just cleared the top of the higher circ . We added a bypass for the radiant zone too .
  • Great Job Ron,

    as per usual! I hate really tight spaces, but you always make it look easy.

  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    Any flue pipe involved here? I imagine you've got a baromrtric built into the chimney,? OOPS...there it is. I didn't know that this boiler has a center/top flue option. (dopey me!)

    Looks easier than some of the closet installs you do. Nice job Bud. Chris
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
    There's only one man to call...

    When you need to put 10 lbs. of stuff in a 5 lb. sack.

    Ron Jr!

    Outstanding work.

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  • Thanks buddy

    On paper , these jobs are a piece of cake . They're right in the kitchen , about 10 steps away from the work truck . Every pipe to reconnect is less than a foot .

    Reality is I go home from these jobs more exhausted than when we hump out a steamer . You try to pipe it out sitting on a bucket and wind up doing most of the job on your knees . I assembled the new one while Sal ripped out the old . I had to take apart the supply piping 2 times to get it right . But now we know how to do these jobs to fit 2 circs under the cover .

    Thanks Ken .
  • Speaking of a prefab

    I'm going to prefab a whole manifold to fit in my own boiler cubby hole under the stairs . Probably 3' by 6' , I'm gonna try to mount 4 circs or zone valves , a return manifold , airscoop , PRV , Extrol , a multizone relay and an outdoor reset control . So when I decide to upgrade my boiler , it'll be just 2 pipes to connect . Sounds like a pipedream though when I think about it .

    That'd be a blast working side by side with you , Darin . I was born upstate in Ticonderoga . I'd love to go up and check it out and see if anything's changed since I was pooping my diapers and liking it .
  • Thanks Dave

    Usually Sal jumps right in and pipes everything in the front . But this system was too busy with crazy piping , and it was Friday ........ I took the reins . We have another bad batch of 3/4 " pipe . You have to hammer it into each fitting . On this boiler you couldn't get a good swing for any of the fittings . It was a pretty frustrating day .
  • Chris

    We tried to hide the placement of the barometric . Your eyes are too good :)

    For the record , I do not like piping the barometric this way . But there just ain't no other option . It's either the run of a tee or none at all . I should check if Peerless requires one on every boiler . I know excessive draft is not a problem in these homes .

    These jobs are the easiest of the 3 styles of Levitt boilers we work on . But man oh man do you walk out of these homes like you were repeatedly kicked by a mule .

    Thanks alot Chris .
  • mike@BORO
    mike@BORO Member Posts: 30

    hey ron have you ever had any problems with the lwco in that location getting airbound ? we have i see the air elim. not always dependable. nice stuff dude i always look forward to your posts/pics. mike.....
  • ken d._5
    ken d._5 Member Posts: 4

    I feel for you and the service guys that have to squeeze a service call into those places.
  • [Deleted User]
    as always

    Ron as always excellent job in the tighest of spaces ,truely a tight fitting maze of piping every thing all in the front and it all is square and levl nice work peace and good luck clammy
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