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\"Threadbare\" Question - Got any Ideas?

bruce_21 Member Posts: 241
Open it up, put some Blu Block between the spud and the valve, NOT on the threads. With weezbos little wrench get it just barely tight and put the steam to it. If you've been living right it won't leak. If it does tighten it a little more. If it pops open you've got to spring for the new one. Can't hurt to try.


  • Ellis Richman
    Ellis Richman Member Posts: 22

    I'm a homeowner, and have a one-pipe steam system with Gorton Valves. I've enclosed 2 pics of the "valve/union" (sorry I don't know radiator nonmenclature very well).

    My radiator (it's an American) leaks between the Gorton Valve and the radiator. After painting the radiator and assembling, when I last tightened the large copper/brass nut onto the valve, the last turn seems to have stripped the nut's inner thereading...as I snug it down, it suddenly releases at the last turn needed to seal the compression component (I think these are called unions??).

    My hope is that there is something I can put on the male or female threads that might make a good seal without having to try to remove the union from the radiator, an almost impossible task. I know it will be reallly tough to get that union out of the radiator.

    THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for helping with suggestions!!
  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170

    The valve and union needs to be replaced . To remove the nipple a spud wrench is needed .
  • That`s a nice

    old valve! Quite unique in design. Likely the brass nut has become "stretched". Stay close as Steamhead(Frank) may be able to help you find a replacement nut, as Ed says you will need a spud wrench.
    If you do find one, be sure to clean the paint off the remaining threads as you`ll "euchre" it too!
    BTW-I found this in the library.

  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    You might try

    wrapping the threads with teflon tape to take up the slack. If that doesn't work, you need a new valve. Gordon and I can handle the replacement and we do keep valves in stock.

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Less Wrench.

    get a smaller wrench. there is nie fairy a reason to bust up something that works by force .


    that and a silver thrupence will get you a spot of Tay . *~/:)
  • Ellis Richman
    Ellis Richman Member Posts: 22
    Blue Block to the rescue! Thank you!

    Hi Bruce, I just wanted to thank you so much for your blue block suggestion...it worked. Bought the Rigid spud wrench,applied bb as you suggested, and you saved the day. Cannot thank you enough! Best wishes and happy holidays, Ellis
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