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Cracked boiler!?

Al Gregory
Al Gregory Member Posts: 260
Its not safe to use replace it right away


  • Dave_117
    Dave_117 Member Posts: 4
    Is it dangerous?

    After getting feedback here on why I keep filling my boiler I used your suggestions and found it's cracked. I filled it up all the way and water came pouring out. Is it dangerous to go one season with this? I didn't have this in the budget and my wife was just laid off. Other than the inconvenience of filling it every couple days should I worry about a major catastophy?
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291

    What's your definition of major catastrophe? An explosion in the basement? Total failure and no heat in the middle of winter?

    It probably won't explode but when it fails it will be when it's working the hardest (IE, coldest weather)

    Life is full of choices and many are not very easy.
  • Cracked Boiler


    You say that you filled it and found a crack. Overfilling it and seeing water flow out, and actually seeing a crack are different things.

    The boiler may have a crack, or it may have a corroded hole near the top. The latter for the two has the ability to collapse into the boiler, causing a much larger opening very quickly.

    If the boiler has the means to deploy water on to that flame under any circumstances, you have a condition that could potentially be dangerous.

    The quenching of the flame by the water can cause incomplete combustion and major soot production. It also has the means to cause a "roll out" which can release flames out of the boiler.

    It is common for Carbon Monoxide to accompany the roll out; in as much as it is already being caused by a combustion related problem associated with the water from the leak contacting the flame.

    If your boiler has a "roll out switch" it may help, but it is not guaranteed to respond under all conditions. Also, if you do have one, it is normally a "fusible link" type device, that will melt and there is no resetting. It will shut your heat off.

    I hate to tell you this, but you have described a condition that needs to be addressed before the up-coming heating season. Do not try to go a year with a boiler that is internally leaking now. You are just looking for trouble.

    Good Luck,

    Ed Carey
  • Follow up

    As I was typing my response, Al hit the nail directly on the head. See above. Follow his advice, and mine.

    Ed Carey
  • Rich Kontny_5
    Rich Kontny_5 Member Posts: 116
    Sounds Like a...

    Steam boiler and ironically it may have been thermal shock that cracked the boiler (adding cold water to a hot cast iron boiler can easily crack it!)

    Dry firing a boiler is even worse as it was not designed for this!!!

    This boiler should be red tagged and replaced ASAP. You are flirting with far too many potential hazards to do anything else!

    Rich Kontny

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