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Toilet wax rings

Joey B_2
Joey B_2 Member Posts: 24
I was recently at a supply house here in westchester ny and they had a plastic stob and foam-type washer. the stub actually sleeves into the drain pipe with a rubber gasket around it to make the seal. theres a foam washer at the top of it with with an adhesive to stick to the toilet. it comes in 3" and 4". you simply stick it to the toilet and drop the toilet onto the flange. I want to say Oatey or Hercules makes it but I could be wrong.


  • dblagent007
    dblagent007 Member Posts: 31
    Will I melt these

    I am putting a low temp radiant heating system in my house. The guys I am working with said I should stay a couple of feet away from the toilet wax ring so that it won't melt it. These guys normally do gypcrete systems, which I could definitely see being a problem. However, is this also a problem that I should be thinking about for my low temp warmboard system?
  • Home Depot Employee
    Home Depot Employee Member Posts: 329
    Ring melt

    They don't start to soften or melt till over 120 degrees. I doubt your target floor temp will be approaching that.
    Dont worry about it
  • Home Depot Employee
    Home Depot Employee Member Posts: 329
    the truth

    I always followed the 120 rule.

    I decided to look it up to find the published temp and hercules a manufacturer say's 140-170 melting point

    I think I will stick to 120 to be safe.

    You as the countless other installs in the world should be safe.
  • dblagent007
    dblagent007 Member Posts: 31

    The plumber was there when I was discussing this with the radiant guys. The plumber said these foam types have some "issues" but we could use them if we wanted to.
  • ChasMan
    ChasMan Member Posts: 462
    Foam vs. Wax

    I have pulled a few foam rings out. They are always saturated and wet right through. Ive never seen one installed corectly though, thst could have been the problem. After seeing this wet soggy mess, I have never been inclined to use one myself.
  • realolman
    realolman Member Posts: 513
    would it hurt

    anything to keep it a distance away?

    I think terlits should be given anything they want to keep them from malfunctioning.
  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177

  • Joey B_2
    Joey B_2 Member Posts: 24

    I havent actually used one myself. Ive gotten mixed opinions on them so far
  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398
  • Joey B_2
    Joey B_2 Member Posts: 24

    That's actually the item i was talking about. I saw it in Inter County Supply in westchester, ny. Is it just plastic or is theres some kind of rubber or foam gasket under the sticker?
  • Mike Kraft_2
    Mike Kraft_2 Member Posts: 398

    rubber like a fernco coupling.the face has a strong adhesive.so when you stick it on the closet horn eyeball it up!some dish soap on the "barbed stab end will let it sink in the closet riser nice.

  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033

    If it melts your wax, you won't stand on it :)

    Hmmmm, 120 degrees, how cozy that would be in the morning, no cold splash :)
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    When this issiue first came up

    we used to be concerned about it. We looked into alternative gaskets. We've know been doing radiant for about ten years now and even after going to jobs done poorly ( by others ) we still have not had a problem with this.

    Keep a foot away from the gasket and you'll never have any trouble.


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