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circulation problem with crane radiators

yes, they do look similar, with a flip handle on top. yes, i do realize that about looping the radiators, however it is what it is and i am trying to get it to work without returning it to its former as a mono flow. if that is what we have to do that will be what we do, but it seems odd that we can get the 1st floor to heat and two other smaller zones as well without much difficulty. if the valves are causing the loss, due to improper position that would be helpful to know. also if you have seen flow restrictors piped in then it is worth a shot to look and remove them. thanks.


  • cannot establish flow in crane radiators on 2nd floor

    I have a series loop and have gone over head loss with Joe at Taco. I cannot determine the head loss in the old crane radiators. Thats one problem. Another is the system has butterfly valves (1/4 turn, 2.5" silver handle that flips up so you can close the cover plate) and I cannot find information on proper position to allow max flow. It also has some radiators without valves. It was formerly piped with mono-flow tees. the radiators are only 14 feet above the system. The manufacturer requirs 23 lbs of pressure in the boiler system. We have a primary loop and secondary with a 0010. All air has been purged. Joe seems to think that restrictors may have been put on some of the radiators because as it stands we have 120' of 3/4 BI, 100' 3/4 pex and 65' of 10" cast iron crane baseboard. It takes 40 minutes to see any temp change from the supply to the return.
    The first floor is almost identical in design except that it has 100' less 3/4 BI and no valves, it was also fomerly mono-flow. It takes 4.5 minutes to see temp Across that circuit. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL.
  • Is this,

    the kind of rad valves you are speaking-of ?, typically found on Crane(Warden-King) CI baseboard.
    You do know CI rads should NOT be looped right?

  • Myself, I never saw flow restricters in CIBB,

    but anything is possible, never been much of a "fan" of pex for these(unless HR system), the fittings introduce alot of resistance to flow. 285ft. is a long way to travel, the first floor should be OK as the distance is shorter. And a 0010 will certainly move it.

  • why was

    Why was the mono flo system removed?
  • why was

    Why was the mono flo system removed?
  • Hey Ray,,,,,,Hey Ray,,,,

    I Emailed you,,are you "ticked" at me?,,or is this a Canadian thing? Sorry about the Looney!
    My new truck still cost a "small fortune" in Canadian funds!

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