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tigerloop yes or no?

with it you are only trying to pull what the burner is burning
and not recirc. back to the tank, which means that you are pulling much less fuel through the line. What can it hurt, otherwise you will need to replace the lines, which are probably loaded with crap.



  • Maynard
    Maynard Member Posts: 74
    tigerloop yes or no?

    2 Pipe System...lowered Vac From 25" to 22" By Co2 And Push Pull Pump.
    Unable To Pull Oil From Return Line...Sucking Air.
    Would A Tigerloop Work Even Though Suction Line Is At 22"?
  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 554

    have a crimped/plugged suction line and the return line is either not deep enough in tank or leaking.I would try the tigerloop since you will need it anyway if you replace the suction line,nothing to lose.

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  • bigwilly104
    bigwilly104 Member Posts: 50
    What and why

    I dont see any oil burners here in Northern california. THe ones I do see are usally being removed. Its very hard to find anyone to deliver oil and even harder to find someone to servace it. I am trying to learn what I can about the fuel delivery and burners. I hate to have to tell a customer I don't know how. So whats a tiger loop and why.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    how far are you attempting to pull oil with the burner pump?

    If you have a leak or are super restricting the oil with a fire right or similar valve you wont be able to move the oil... if the depth of the tank is some irrational number of feet or the line is foot ball field distances away from the home.. where you need binoculars to see the tank you are not going to get very far in your attempts with a tigerloop... it isn't a cure all for every problem.

    give me some idea of the :tubing size, pipe length, depth of tank, fittings ,that are currently being used and i can just about divine for you the problem.

    then we can address the symptoms.

    your answer may read exactly like the manufacturers note on the installation of the burner ....if you find a small knee pad that says Manufacturers burner installation procedures...and read it,...that will probably point out the exact same ?'s that i asked . and sufficient information to give you a good clue as how to proceed, prior experience suggest to me, sight unseen, care of installation as well as selection of materials is of utmost importance when you are installing things that could potentially kill yourself or others...*~/:)
  • Jim Davis_3
    Jim Davis_3 Member Posts: 578

    First of all the vacuum on the suction line should never be over 6" with 4" being the normal. The two line system is your biggest problem. Circulating oil faster than the lines can handle. Self-destuctive system. A single line and 2-stage pump is what you should be using. A tigerloop is designed to removed air from the oil lines that is not supposed to be there. It is not supposed to be there! It doesn't hurt but it is not the cure to your problem.

    Another problem with that high of a vacuum and that is you can pull the dirt right through the filter.
  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    I guess I'll ask.....

    ..... what size is your piping, how long a run and is the burner higher than the fuel storage?

    Can't give you an answer until we know all of this.

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    The Radiant Whisperer

    "The laws of physics will outweigh the laws of ecomomics every time."
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Get thee....

    A copy of the Suntec Installation and Service Manual!!!

    They will be able to tell you how far you're stretching beyond their recommendations. It also has all the formulas for figuring out line sizes and flow rates on all their equipment.

    It sounds like your trying to pull too far, with too small of a line. I also agree with Jim D. that a 2 line system is only needed in EXTREME cases, and does more harm than good in most.

    The Tiger Loop won't hurt....once you get the line fixed.

    I wish I had a video of the demonstration Bruce Marshal used to do....with a HAND PUMP, and a glass cover on a fuel unit. The high vacuum literally "pulls the fuel apart", and creates it's own air from the oxygen trapped within.This is something EVERY oil tech. should see once in their lifetime. It opens up a whole new view to "what's REALLY happening". Chris
  • Ed N.Y.C.
    Ed N.Y.C. Member Posts: 73
    High Vac

    With out knowing the size of the line or lenhgt of run, I would remove return line AND by pass plug and see what your vac is after bleeding system. By doing this you cut the amount of oil pump is trying to pull from whatever the pump is rated for down to that amount equal to the size of the nozzle, there for lowering vac. If still high than line must be replaced. IMHO tiger loop is last resort. ED N.Y.C.
  • Maynard
    Maynard Member Posts: 74
    Tiger Loop

    Oil lines Are 3/8 O.D.
    15 Feet To Top Of Tank.
    Burner Is Located In The 1st Floor Of A House Built On A Slab.
    Boiler is On Floor.
  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170
    Outside Tank ?

    Sounds Like a outside tank with top feed ?. It could have sucked in something or have a bad spring loaded check valve .

    What I would do is replace the oil line ( single pipe ) and install a tiger loop if you have to go top feed .

    No Check valves ! They are useless for just about all systems and add problems to boot .
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    I always found that Tigerloops are used to relieve symptoms of a larger problem. If the underlying problem is corrected, a TL would not be needed.
  • Maynard
    Maynard Member Posts: 74

    Oil Tank Is In Ground. I Have Always Gone The Replace Oil Line Route. See So Many Tigerloops Out There...Seems Like A bandaid To Me???
  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,852
    Is 1/2\" OD line considered preferable to 3/8\"

    and if so, would the 1/2" be attachable to the same tank and burner/filter connectors? I've heard some oil techs say that given the varying quality of oil these days, 1/2" may ensure less chance of clogging.


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    maynard, heres a real quick idea ...

    cut both supply and returns stick them i a bucket of diesel if it goes... the problem is certainly in the lines from where you cut them to the oil in the tank ....
    done every day all over the world...

    think about it... you got time...

    i use tiger loop combos as a de areator and as a means to ascertain the applicabilities, a general or such is good as a catch for larger "Stuff" from tank supply line...another filter can be used as well...to dial down anything getting to the tiger loop. tigerloop combos and tigerloops aren't used to correct mistakes, they are used for avoiding the recirculation into the house: heating the oil, and sending 17 times the amount of oil that is used,( now warm, back to help in the creation of condensation within the tank and then having the very real chance of ending up on the front page of the local newspaper and having an E.P.A. request for the habby homeowner to do an environmental clean up at the tune of some heavy ducketts...

    here are some of the benifits of a tigerloop combo,

    1 when you run out of oil unlike a single pipe system that would normally have no ready means to get the air out of the line,...necessitating manual removal of air"bleeding the line" the tigerloop or tiger loop combo does that for you....

    with the oil only comming ->in one can see in the bowl of the tiger loop, what is happening as regards to the availability of oil. immediately, in most cases, aiding one in the diagnostic process.

    the super model has a spin on filter its oki dokie in my books too.

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