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need replacement steam valves

Eric_8 Member Posts: 66
My two-pipe air vent steam system needs some work. I have a couple of supply valves that are steaming/leaking and need to replace. The valves say Norwall Packless on them any suggestions on where to search for replacements to make sure I get the right kind. I also need to replace a lot of air vents (cleaned them in vinegar and that helped a few), most are hoffman 1A air vent, a couple are hoffman 2A vacuum vents, and there's a couple really old Dole vari vents. Is there a reason for the vacuum vents vs. the air vents or perhaps someone just changed them way back when the others went bad? We also have a couple of radiators that were changed over to one pipe at one time. Should the vents on the mains stop hissing after the air has been vented? I've had someone out to look things over but with all the cautions about letting just anyone work on your system I'm a little nervous.


  • Replacement valves are available

    they won't be "packless" though. I think that system was once set up to run in vacuum as the coal fire burned down. That's the only reason you'd find those valves and remaining 2A vents.

    If I were working on that system, I'd check with Tunstall Associates to see if they had rebuild kits for those Norwalls.

    The main vents should not hiss like that after steam has reached them. They need to be replaced.

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  • Eric_8
    Eric_8 Member Posts: 66

    I'm in northern Michigan and unfortunately there's no one listed.I'm not sure what you mean when you say they won't be packless. Is that just part of the name brand on the label, would it have graphite or some other packing? Any phone, web or city location for Tunstall Assoc.? The person who looked at the system said he's had some steam experience and did recommend the new main vents. So it sounds like we should at least replace those and go with the regular 1A hoffman air vents for the radiators.
    Also was wondering about pressurtrols: we seem to have both kinds hooked together in a series. The additive cut in is set at 2.5 and I haven't been able to read what's on the diff. wheel(it's up kind of high, but I will try again). The subtractive pressurtrol has the main at 2.5 with the diff. at about 0.9-0.95(this scale is kind of hard to read since the numbers aren't spaced evenly). Are these settings OK. Thanks for the info. you've sent so far.
  • Unfortunately

    you're a little far from Baltimore :-(

    But I know of someone in roughly mid-Michigan. I'll e-mail him so he can see this thread. Maybe he can help you or will know someone who can.


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