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One for Weezbo :)

Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
This is WAAAY too tempting to try on some people :)

Reminds me of a lady who was po'd at my AC quote because her furnace said, " AC ready", and she thought I just needed to turn it on with a "special key" the factory sold us guys :) "Whatta ya mean $2500 ?"


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    That's Great ! *~/:)

    These Friday funnies are usually open for everyone This is the First one for me :) That is somewhat like a Birthday gift :) Unique way to get from here to there:)

    Yesterday , my buddy Mike, related a story of a steam job that he worked on in days gone by, then he sent the owner the bill for 20K and the old timer did not pay. instead ,he went to the building department and complained to the Building inspectors, then he went to the City council meetings and complained to them .then sent a note to say that he wanted the job Done before he would ever pay ...

    so Mike sees him on the street and asks the old guy what gives,,and when was he getting a ROUND 2 it..? 'well , it don't Work! It's going Winter now..and..'

    "well, "says my friend ," we did the work the on the kitchen in summer....i would be more than happy to turn it back on for you. however, first i would like to be paid.'

    the establishment was a commercial kitchen and lounge at the time, when the owner ,the oldtimer showed up during the work one of the guys was working on his back with his legs sticking out from beneath some equipment , so old timer sets to kicking the worker, figuring hes one of the local drunks crawled up under the thing to pass out in a drunk stupor..when the guy is coming out hes kicking him in the "ribs" and just about everywhere else that wasn't protected...:) you guessed it. that's where the valve is located....

    Some times these mental leaps are Too much :)

    i like many forms of humor i laugh at all the wrong places in movies, so i seldom go to them any more because it ruins things for everyone else . its these, 'I see where Your going with that, glasses' ,i have,:)

    i can honestly see a day where a technician does have an interactive glove to interface with a matrix, saying.. that ..:))
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